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What does a tbsp look like? =(

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I don't wanna mess up when it comes to measurements.. I'm having a little problem, and that's figuring out exactly what a tbsp and a tsp looks like.
help anyone please? if anyone could show me pictures maybe? because i think i just ate 2 whole tablespoons of butter instead of just 1, which  screws my count up =(

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There's a visual of one Tbsp. of butter! 0_82ef4b12dc.jpg

2 tbsp are about the size of a golfball, that's how I measure out my pb, so just picture a half of a golfball :)
2 tbsp are about the size of a golfball, that's how I measure out my pb, so just picture a half of a golfball :)

If you get sticks of butter, most of them come with lines on the paper marking where you could cut it to get 1 tbsp (I think there's 8 in a stick). Sometimes it's wrapped off-centered, but you could still figure it out.

This will be different for everyone, but I always try and use my hand as a guide for all measurements. If you pay attention a few times, you'll learn your measurements as they compare to your hand. For me, if I place my pinky finger sideways on a stick of butter, the width is one tablespoon. If I am measuring from a tub, a tablespoon fits in the "cup" of the palm of my hand.


I weight most everything like butter and oils.  I can't rely on my visual acuity for things that are so calorie dense.

If you dip your knife into the peanut butter jar or the mayo jar etc, ONE dip is close enough to one tbs. I measured it out a few times to check and it's the same for all spreads. r-14g

There is a pic. I would suggest a digital scale if you can afford one. Walmart or Target might have one around $20.

I'd suggest a set of measuring spoons that you can get in most grocery stores for about $1.00 to $2.00.

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