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There are a ton of things I want to make with tahini, but I can't find it.  Any suggestions?
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I get tahini at Safeway, our grocery store, but before they carried it I got it at our local farmer's market.  A natural foods grocery store would probably carry it too. 
Any health food store should carry it, and I've seen it in the ethnic food section at major grocery stores before too.
The last two times I've checked Safeway, I haven't been able to find it.  :(  I have checked the ethnic foods sections - can you tell me what other items it may be located near?  (Sorry, I guess I'm an inept shopper).  :)
If you have a kosher section, look there ... I'm guessing you might find it near the matzo.  Or maybe near the peanut butter???

You could just ask customer service if they carry it.
Arabic import store - I would do a search for Arabic food markets in your area and they will have it for sure.
I've always found it at my regular grocery store - it's in the same place as the peanut butter.....
Oh, thats cool - I dont think many grocery stores around here carry it. But, I'm sure the imported stuff is better - it always is!
i find it at middle eastern markets and at international markets.  i like to get the smaller container (they can come REALLY big).  each time i use it, i take a butter knife and mix it through to mix the oil and the paste together again.  it's kind of like natural peanut butter in the way it separates.  i hope you can find it!

edit: i used to find tahini paste in a can at albertons.  it wasn't exactly like real tahini because it was made into a dip already.  it was in the ethnic aisle next to the the kosher items and canned hummus, etc.  i used that for awhile until i located the real stuff.  now it seems like i see it everywhere, LOL!
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