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SWEET TEA from the South.

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I've been trying to manually add this to my logs for days now....

I am born & raised in the south and we love our sweet tea. We make it by the gallon and sweeten it, of course, before its poured.

So how should one count calories on it b/c all fo the calories are going to come from the sugar right?

I drink Lipton Decaf Iced Tea Brew.....

I brew 4 bags for 1 gallon (family size bags) and I mix in at least 2 cups of sugar for 1 gallon. If I have an 8 oz glass of this, how do I count it????????

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i would just add up the calories for the whole thing, and then divide it by how many glasses you get out of it...  a gallon is 128 ounces, so you should get 16 glasses each time you make it.  if you figure out how many calories for all the tea and divide it by 16, that should give you a good idea of how much is in each glass :o)

Sweet! Thanks Romeozjul!

You know sometimes that sugar can cause us Southerners to be brain dead....Smile

Im a yankee transferred to Texas but from my stay Im pretty sure its sweet tay.  Just saying. :P :D
I'm from Florida, oh yes, used to love that "sweet tea" !!!!!!!!!
I'm coming up with

2 cups of sugar = 1548 calories divided by 16 8-oz glasses of tea = 96.75 cals per glass.

only two cups of sugar per gallon, huh?  not bad...


I pretty much only drink water now (plus the occasional liquor) and sometimes I miss the sweet tea.

I used to get a 32 oz iced tea from chik fil a (they seem to know how to brew tea properly) on my way to work, and then get another one at lunch time.  Occasionally I'd get another one after work, but usually not. 64 oz of tea was usually enough.

for those of you who never worked in a fine dining establishment in the, whatever. i worked in them and could not drink the stuff,  after brewing the tea into the large tea kettle tin drum you see at the wait stations we would add 1 or 2 pitchers...i think thats 64oz of sugar to it depending on the place.n  thats along of sugar.  i would put regular sweet tea and have a splash of lemonade on top.  very good.  Just cause it says tea...does not make it healthy

Thanks guys! Trust me I only treat myself occasionally now, unlike how I used to be. I drink Propel nonstop now and the occasional lemonade. But I just was stumped on this one.

Oh...Bobo, I used to work in a restaurant too and you're right there's a lot of sugar that goes into that stuff. Normally I only drink water when I'm out though. I have to have decaf tea as I'm allergic to caffeine. I'm willing to say just about all restaurants down here have caffeinated so I just stay away altogether, even the unsweetened tea.

Nomoreexcuses, WOW! Where did you grow up? I know its got to be the south. For one Chic-fil-a is only really in the south and 64 oz of SWEET tea/day is fair amount!!

HAHA and 2 cups is what I limit myself to. It used to be more...when I was in college. Got to have that sugar rush! :)  HAHALaughing

I'm in NC, where if you dont like sweet tea, youre not american!  McDonald's makes pretty good sweet tea, and a 32 oz. serving is 120 cal.
well, i'm from new england, and the only iced tea i ever had growing up was the kind that comes in powder form in a can hehe

but everytime i read "sweet tea" i can't help thinking of "to catch a predator" on dateline! anybody else catch that?

"hey, come right on in! i made some sweet tea!"
Ive understood what makes it sweet tea is the melt the sugar into liquid before adding it, kind of like a syrup.  I could swear I saw this on a cooking show too but not sure and not positive this is correct.

The sugar won't melt in iced tea. To do it correctly you need to pour the sugar in after or before you pour the boiled tea in the pitcher; the boiled tea will dissolve the sugar enough. Then stir and THEN refridgerate. I've never heard of making the sugar into syrup b/f adding it...unless they were picking. There a lot of people that say sweet tea tastes like its got syrup in it.

I was small and took a trip to DC where evidently sweet tea is scarce. I ordered tea, not thinking it wouldn't be sweet. I tried to sweeten it when I got it and made a sandbar in the glass with how much sugar I poured in it (not realizing it wasn't dissolving). HA! Lesson learned...quickly!

also, you can buy sweet tea, by the gallon, at the grocery stores down south.
I'm also from NC... a Southerner born and bred... and I have actually learned to drink my iced tea "straight" (no sugar or sweetener). 

But, boy, you should see the looks I get when I drive through McDonald's and ask for "unsweet tea" and then refuse the sweetener they try to offer me.  Then they try to give me sweet tea, 'cause surely I don't mean tea without sweetener at all (they think they heard me wrong)! LOL

I always taste my tea before driving away... half the time it is sweetened and I have to ask them to try again.   When I taste that one small sip of "sweet tea,"my tongue acutally burns now that I am so unused to it.

I weaned myself off of sweetened tea by first ordering half sweet/half unsweet and then I worked the ratios over time (less sweet and more unsweet).

But if you live in the South and want some real sweet tea, try Hardee's.  Wowsers, is theirs sweet.

I now enjoy a variety of fruity teas that I brew and then put over ice without sweetner. 
P.S.  I lived in Boston for a year and when I ordered iced tea one day they told me it was "seaonsonal." grin

I then asked for hot tea and a glass of ice, but they wouldn't serve it to me because they said that pouring the hot tea into the glass with ice would break the glass.

I didn't get my iced tea that day. LOL
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