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is sweet potato good for you?

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can sweet potato help ou lose weight?
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no food can HELP you lose weight. there is no such thing.

sweet potato, however, is low GI and very good for you. you can have 2 small ones or a large one as a carb portion. don't microwave them, and eat them with the skin.
Look at all the nutrition that's packed
into the humble Sweet Potato!

dhm is right - there are no magic foods.  What will help you lose weight is to take in fewer calories than you burn.   Very simple.
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oh wow thanks thats way its die friendly food ryt?

Most fresh food is 'diet friendly' :)
why do u say not to microwave them?
because it blasts the shit out of all the lovely nutrients.

boil / bake them.
Oh, c'mon dhm!  Nuke 'em!  But they do taste better oven baked or steamed.
i never knew any other way of making them minus nuking em haha.

how long do you leave it baked in the oven for and what do u set the temp on? 
i usually make sweet potatoes for dinner with chicken or fish--peel potato, slice, throw onto oven proof skillet, spray with PAM lightly, put ontop of it a piece of salmon or chicken, season, and stick into oven at about 375-400 degrees for a good 15-20 minutes. can cover with foil so it cooks a bit moister....

They are very tasty mashed too, with a little soy or rice milk.  :)

I peel mine, cut them into chunks and bake for 20 minutes in a roasting pan.
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i tried it w cinamon its yummy

mash sweet potato w cinamon ^^

its the best hehee
I peel them, chunk them up and toss them into the steamer basket over boiling water for about 15 minutes.  I like them soft.  Or I bake them the same way you would bake an ordinary Idaho potato.
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Unlike dhm1983 post ... the skin of a sweet potato has the most nutrients and is the healthiest part of a potato . as far as microwaving them go for it ! you don't lose enough nutrients to worry about cooking anything does the same thing boiling baking or whatever you would have to eat it raw to get all the nutritional value and why sacrifice taste as long as your eating healthy !

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Unlike dhm1983 post ... and overall diet of healthy foods gives you more energy to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a healther lifestyle leads to a slimmer you I am sure you have heard this before . so yes eating the wright foods does help you to lose weight .

If you starve yourself it does not help you lose weight properly so you in fact MUST EAT in order to lose weight. But does anyone know if it is bad for you to microwave sweet potatoes once you have already boiled it? I've boil it, keep the leftovers in the freezer, and then microwave it.

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