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Does Sweet & Low contain Saccharin?

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I read somewhere that it does... but I have it here in front of me, and Saccharin is not included in the ingredient list.

Ingredients: dextrose, aspartame (contains phenylalanine), natural flavour, silicon dioxide.

Does this mean it's saccharin-free and they removed saccharin from this product altogether?
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Depends on which market you are in, in the US Sweet'N Low is Saccharin, in Canada it's cyclamate and in England it's either Saccharin or Aspartame and Acesulfame-K blend or Acesulfame-K.

So I'd go with what the packet says.
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Your in the UK right? Over there they have Sweet 'N Low with aspartame, or saccharin, Sweet 'N Low 2 which has aspartame and Ace-K. Another version contains only Ace-K.

In Canada, Sweet 'N Low is owned by a different company, Kraft, and contains Cyclamate.

Confusing I know. Over in the US, Sweet 'N Low only contains saccharin.

I only buy Sweet 'N Low because it uses saccharin, and generally it's the cheapest artifical sweetner available today.
Nope, I'm in Canada.

Hm... Strange :/
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Then I guess you have a packet from the UK, however you may have gotten that. So, Sweet 'N Low will (most likely) not contain saccharin where you live, as it is banned. The packets you have should contain Cyclamate. (Ironicly, it's banned in the US...)

A long long time ago, I remember Sweet 'N Low contained both saccharin and cyclamate. I wish those days were back.. It's hard to find things with saccharin these days, even Tab has aspartame and saccharin. In the past it only had saccharin..
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