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sushi salmon sashimi - where to get?

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hello! I love eating sushi and it fits perfectly into my diet. unfortunately, it is very costly when you eat out. I was going to make my own sushi. does anyone know how the salmon or fish in general has to be prepared? especially for sashimi I would need to get a (smoked?) bright orange piece of salmon fillet. where can I buy that? can I use the stuff you get in the supermarket, or is that raw? thank you for your advice.

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The stuff sold in regular grocery stores is not sushi grade and shouldn't be eaten raw. Do you have an Asian grocery store nearby?

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thanks for the answer. I will have a look. unfortunately there are not many Japanese stores around.

Some fish markets sell sushi grade fish.  If they do, they will advertise it as such.  I found sushi-grade tuna in a regular fish market.

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ah great! thank you for the hint.

Sashimi is not smoked.

Also, if you live in a city where there is a good concentration of Asians (especially Koreans), you shouldn't be too far away from an H-Mart. It's pretty much the mega-Asian Grocery chain. They sell sushi grade fish in blocks or prepped/sliced for less than sushi restaurants do. 

Otherwise, maybe you can try a fish market? There are a bunch around me where they get their fish flown in overnight from the East Coast daily. 


Whole Foods Market sells sashimi grade salmon, so you can ask your fish counter people about that... Otherwise you can order from Catalina Fish Company:


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