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I LOVE SUSHI!  But I have a few questions about it...

OK, so first off, how many pieces of sushi are in a roll?  Is it 6?  3?  12?
Also, when I pick up sushi from the grocery store it usually has sesame seed sprinkled on top.  I know it's kind of silly to care, but like all seeds and nuts, sesame seeds are really high in calories.  They're not included in the calorie count, are they?
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Depending on where you get it, there could be 4, 6, 8 or up to twelve pieces in a roll as it depends on how long the roll is made, and cut into pieces.

I think the sesame seeds would be counted into the calories that are listed on the nutritional info that's on the container for the sushi found in grocery stores?

What kind of rolls do you usually have?  My co-workers and I can sometimes spend an entire lunch break just talking about how much we love sushi =)
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I usually just get a cucumber roll (boring I know) because it's delicious, low calorie, and meat  free (I'm a vegetarian).  Anything suggestions for what I should try next?

I have another question actually...
OK, so I went to Whole Foods today and picked up a box of sushi.  There's no nutritional info on the box, no number to call, nothing; but there is a weight (85 g).  Does that include the soy sauce, wasabi, and gari that was in the box too, or just the sushi?
omg i loveeeee sushi too... i also find it hard to determine the amount of calories... even when you search for it on CC, how do you know that the rolls you are eating are the same size rolls as the ones listed here... rolls come in so many different sizes...

is sushi good for you??? usually i pull the avocado out bc it's really high in fat/cal... and i would buy the plain cucumber ones but i usually don't see them....

i usually get crab meat ones.. they are pretty good..

anyone know any more info??????
It's so nice to see some people on here who love sushi!!  I can't get enough of it!  When I eat it, though, I usually save most of my calories for that sushi meal - especially since they wrap everything in white rice (not the best for concious dieters).

apple14, you really should consider leaving the avocado in your sushi rolls.  I think it tastes great in there.  Yeah, it has a lot of fat, but it's such a small amount of avocado in those rolls and plus, it's healthy fat!!  It's the fat our body needs :)  It's very good for you - trust me!!

It's hard to know EXACTLY how many calories we're eating when we go out to those sushi bars, but as long as you're getting a rough estimate, I'm sure you'll all be fine!
myruf, I buy my sushi at safeway. So the nutritionals might be off a bit, but most cucumber rolls that I have seen are about the same size. They just tend to vary in how many pieces are in there.

Tsunami brand Cucumber Roll
1 pack, 16 pieces
264 calories
142mg sodium
2g fiber
7g sugar
6g protein

That doesn't include ginger, soy sauce, or wasabi. And I think the sugar may come from the rice wine vinegar... but I really have no  clue.
ooh i forgot to tell you that I didn't put the fat content because there isn't any. And if you buy an 8 piece pack just divide the calories in half. Granted they are the same slim cucumber rolls I am thinking off. I think it's the lowest calorie sushi there is.
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Yeah, my little box only had 8 pieces.  I used the information on here and found out how many calories there were in my 85 g, about 137, which is pretty close to the stats you provided (if you divide it in half of course).  Most places I checked say it's about 130 for a roll/serving, so I think I'll stick with that number.  Mmm sushi...
great. I'm glad you figured it out. I remember having to search like a madman to find the calories the first time I ate cucumber sushi. It's my favorite. I'm not a vegetarian, but until they start making "roasted chicken sushi", I'm sticking to the veggie variety. 
Hi Myruf - Not sure if there are any good Japanese restaurants in your area, but most decent places (especially if you're sitting at the sushi bar) can custom make rolls for you.   You can also ask them what they have as far as futomaki (vegetarian type rolls) but unfortunately, I couldn't give you a ball park number as far as the nutritional content for these are concerned . . .

Gosh, all this talk about sushi is sure making me hungry!  I hope you enjoy =)
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