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Sunflower Seed SHELLS?

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Is it bad to eat the whole sunflower seed, shell included? How many calories are in the shells? My package only says what the calories are for the seeds.
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just guessing, but i suspect the shells are mostly cellulose and will go right through you.  but, why?
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Because they taste good. Lol.
I'd be careful with that if I were you. My cousin ate a whole bag of sunflower seeds with shells when he was a kid and they kind of tore him up on the way out.  I don't know if that's what happens to everybody, but I don't think I'd risk it.  (Sorry about the gross factor)
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No, I'm glad you mentioned the gross factor! I'm not sure if it applies to me though, since I have one of those 99 cent bags that has maybe 1 cup to 1.5 cups of shelled seeds in it.. and it's looking like it will last me through the week. Since I already ate a small palmful of the shells I'll be on the lookout though. =(
When i was little that's the only way i would eat them!!! Don't eat them to much now...

I always eat the shells..

I think finding the little seed among all that shell-ness is just too much effort.

So I just eat it, and worry about being torn apart later..

 But I never eat them anymore ayways I suddenly find them waaaaay to salty/bland for my tastes.


Just sayin'

The shells are purely fibre. 
I do not understand. I tend to always eat the shells. But...what do you mean by torn?
Yikes!  I am a sunflower seed pro...can spit them out like a baseball player and occasionally, if it is one of those guys that are already split and softened, I will eat the shell....otherwise....need roughage anyone?

Sorry for bringing in this following gross story.

I once had a patient who had eaten a whole bag of in shell sunflower seed and had severe cramps.  As part of the exam I had to do a rectal exam, and my preceptor suggested I double glove.  I did so and was glad I did.  The shells were impacted in the rectum so when I inserted my finger the outer glove was totally shredded.  It seems that the preceptor had seen this happen several times before.

Constipation and impaction would be a high risk if you ate alot of them, but less so if you are only talking about a handfull once in awhile.

Marc!  Holy crap, do we finally have a doctor who can testify to the truth?  Amen!  Please visit other threads...Laughing
Yikes. Good to know for the future eeek.
Wow... Never could bring myself to eat the shells for sun flower seeds but on occasion I will eat a whole pumpkin seed.  Don't think I'll do that again!! *chortle*
I used to eat bags and bags of whole sunflower seeds when I was younger--and yes, they do eventually block you up and make you "tear" on the inside on the way out.

Gross but true.

I had to stop altogether.
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