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Suggestions for low calorie foods that you can eat a lot of?

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what's a food that is low enough in calories and good for you that you can eat a good amount of any time you need to binge?
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Celery lol?
I knew that was coming, haha.

:( celery is good, but it doesn't really give you that satisfaction.

man, dieting sucks.
I don't think you ever should really eat a TON of anything in one sitting. It just makes it harder on your body to digest. :-/ But I guess it would be better for you to binge on something relatively healthy like fruits and veggies than say a bag of chips or something. ;-)
popcorn does it for me....not a ton of calories, but really filling
sugar free jello..the generic brand has 5 calories per half cup. Not the healthiest choice, but a good treat.
Obviously you're going to need to find out why you feel the "need to binge".  It's probably emotional (just a guess).  But here's a way you can rule out (or point the finger at) mineral deficiencies: green smoothies.

This may sound weird, but give this a try in your blender:

1-2 bananas
2-3 large dark green leaves (kale, chard, spinach, whatever)
1-2 cups of ice
1-2 Tb maple syrup or honey (optional, to taste)
1 Tb nut or seed butter (almond butter, tahini, whatever) OR 1 Tb flax seed oil (optional)

This is about 200 to 300 calories depending on what you choose to put in, but I guarantee that unless you've had these before, you'll be facing a larger quantity of fruit and vegetable and water content than you'll be able to stomach in one sitting.  And that's not because it isn't tasty -- you'll only be tasting creamy sweet fruit.

Here are some other smoothie recipe suggestions from a forum on
Mushrooms.  I love these and they are suprisingly a good source of protein.

I make a raw veggie bowl with mushrooms, cauliflower, broccoli, zucchini and carrots.  I either toss it in low-calorie Thousand Island or dip them in a small amount of light Ranch. 
I usually chow down on a 100cal bag of popcorn.  Kettle corn is my fav.  They're surprisingly big and satisfying!
Frozen fruit! Frozen raspberries are really low in calories but still satisfy cravings for something sweet. And they're so fun to just snack on!
I have to agree on the 100 cal bag of kettle korn popcorn !  It is alot more than I thought and so yummy.  I am a muncher so jello doesn't satisfy the need to munch.
PICKLES! I could seriously eat a whole jar o Dill hamburgar chips. YUMMY!
Cherry tomatoes
If you ever feel like binging, try having a cup of soup. Vegetable soups or soups like gazpacho are only about 50 calories per cup. You have to eat it spoonful by spoonful, and it's really filling! If you're in one of those monstrous 'eat-everything-in-sight' moods, then get a chunky vegetable soup, and eat it with chopsticks. Unless you're totally skilled with them, that soup will last a long time!

I find that if I'm in a mood to just eat, I don't eat as much if I have to work at it or it takes a long time to eat. That way you're body has time to realize that it's getting the food it wants (takes up to 20 minutes sometimes).

Try eating whole carrots rather than baby carrots. Those things are too easy to pop 3 in at a time. Gnaw on a whole stalk of celery rather than eating it in easy, pop-able sticks. A whole 8" cucumber has only 45 calories. See if you're hungry after gnawing on that!

Popsicles are only 15 calories and take a long time to eat, unless you're a biter. Fudgesicles are 40 calories, but very satisfying.
i agree on the 100 cal. kettle corn- i actually just finished eating one!!!! i like sweet things. they take a while to eat so that is a plus!!!
Another trick is to eat something it takes some time to prepare.  Keep convenience (i.e. "temptation") foods out of reach and go for something you actually have to cook.  It slows down the "gotta eat" feeling, and you may actually burn a few calories in the preparation.
a good trick is to chew anythink you want(even if its chocolate) then spit it out,that way u dont swallow no calories and u have the taste of whatever you just eaten in your mouth. i know anorexics do this but still...its good
That is called unhealthy and forming a bad relationship with food.
It is also an awful waste and you show no self control
Your body tells you when you must eat. Eat then. However, because of all the rubbish we eat and the bad habits we form,. our body confuses need with want and we get the want to chew all the time for gratification.
You're much better off eating filling meals, than chewing mindlessly, as it doesnt "log" in your brain you've eaten that much and you stay hungry.
But there are low cal foods for when you are wanting to lose weight and therefore must eat less than the body calls for (which would have you maintaining) in which case I suggest egg white omlettes and mushrooms.
frozen fruit


kashi 7 whole grain cereal (oly 70 calories for one whole cup)

Dannon Light N' Fit yogurt (60 calories)
Real Foods soy and linseed rice tins have 22 calories per slice. get them, they fill you up, are healthy, gluten-free and good for vegetarians, vegans, etc.. they taste yummy also! perfect food if you want low-cal snackies.
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