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Suggestions for chicken portion size?

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Hi all, I am planning to start bringing a standard lunch to work everyday with me. I'm going to bring brown rice, steamed veggies, and some chicken breast. 


My question is how much protein (chicken) should I put on my little lunch plate? A whole chicken breast is too much for me to eat...should I cut it in half?




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could you buy diced chicken? that might be easier for you to portion out how much you want :)

well, check out how many calories you want your lunch to be - measure out how much the rice will be, and then match veggies/chicken accordingly. I don't know what you mean with a whole chicken breast, but those I buy in packages are a standard 1 person portion to me. (or like the oven roasted chicken breast from subway, one breast on a 6 inch sub)

Good call on measuring out the other stuff first...I didn't think about doing that. I guess I will have to feel it out the first week and see how much I end up eating. I almost always put more food on my plate than I can eat.


I guess the chicken breast you get in packages are just so HUGE to me...I could eat a whole one for dinner but not for lunch...I am trying to go by the USDA "plate" too and get more whole grains and veggies in my diet.


Isn't there some figure that says you should eat 3 oz. of lean protein per meal? Or am I making that up? I can't remember what is recommended.

3 oz is somewhere around 100g right? thats the given serving size on packets here in the UK so im guessing your not making that up :) yeah i agree, measure your things and see how much you need to make it fit, but just make sure you have a decent amount :)

25g is around 1 oz.

You could dice up the cooked chicken breast as well, and then measure out one  cup; that is 231 calories according to Calorie Counter for 4.9 ounces/ 140 grams.  Cut the portion accordingly to how many calories you want to have.

Look into beans as an alternate source of protein.  I like to half-half meat and beans (garbanzos or pintos) in a chilli like blend.

Thanks, I'm thinking that I will keep the same brown rice-and-veggie deal but switch up the protein every week just for some variety. Tofu, beans, venison etc.

Chicken breasts are massive now because the chickens are so genetically modified that their breasts grow super fasts and become too big for their little bodies, and in turn they can hardly move and collapse under the weight of their overgrown breasts

Factory farming is a cruel, inhumane, and unhealthy practice... don't support factory farming by buying supermarket meats, buy local organic chickens--- yes they may be smaller and sometimes more expensive, but it's worth it! Did you know chicken actually has flavor? Well it does when it's raised properly!!

A typical serving size of meat is 3.5oz or 100 grams... which really isn't much. Complement the protein by pairing it with a healthy fat (like avocado, coconut oil, or extra virgin olive oil) and a complex carb (like egg plant, broccoli, or squash). You'll be full long time ;)


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