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Does anyone know if sugar substitutes really make a difference in losing weight?   My regular diet consists of a lot of things with sugar in them.  I just can't think of elimating sugar altogether and I don't want to deprive myself of the foods I love, but I know I'm consuming too much of it, so I wanted to try switching my normal food items with sugar-free versions (ie: SF Vanilla Latte, SF yogurt, SF Peanut Butter, SF jello/pudding, SF muffins, etc.)

Now, I don't eat just these things...they are fairly balanced with veggies, fruits, etc.  But will opting for the SF version of them from now on be beneficial?
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Usually sugar free means fewer or no calories, so it helps, but not all the time.  Just be careful.  I've noticed some of the sugar free candies and foods are still high in calories, regarless if there isn't any sugar in them.  But it doesn't hurt to replace regular drinks with diet or artificial sweetners.  It's alarming how many calories you can consume in a day with just drinks.  It's also a taste you'll have to get used to.
Sugar free foods or foods with sweeteners can be a good way of cutting calories, but they do send a confusing message to the body, it thinks that it's going to get more calories than it actually does, which can lead to it craving more sugar or more food, which can lead to binges...I'm not sure that some artificial sweeteners are good for the body anyhow, chemicals versus natural products..... 
Really?  I didn't know that they sent those confusing messages.  Can you elaborate?  I think I have a problem with aspartame, though.  If I drink diet coke, I get a headache, stuffy sinuses, and a stomach ache.  But not all foods with aspartame do that to me.  I'm fine with Light Yoplait.  The lattes use Splenda, so those I'm ok with.
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technus: I know what you mean by the number of calories in just drinks! Before starting my diet I used to drink alot of juices and lemonade/iced tea, at over 100 cal per cup that's way too high of a number to waste on a drink. So now I do drink diet cola/drinks... upped my water intake and have a apple/orange/real piece of fruit instead of juice (which gives me the same juice craving relief, but at least I'm getting food/fibre in to make feel full).

And yes I do treat myself with a glass of juice once in awhile :)
Ok, that article says "Bottom line: Sweeteners work if you use them to replace caloric treats and drinks; fear of sweeteners is probably plain old Puritan fear of unearned pleasure."

So, according to that, my plan of choosing the sugar free version of things such as yogurt or latte will work!  That's good because I  need to eat more yogurt and the lattes are loaded with sugar but I will inevitably keep drinking them (with skim milk).

Thanks, CCers.
Be careful to stick to portion sizes!  A lot of people make the mistake to think that just because something is marked "sugar-free" or "light" means they can eat twice as much, which is just not the case.  Make sure you can be happy with your 1/2 cup of ice-cream or your 2 tbsp of peanut butter first, before you worry about diet or sugarless versions.
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