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sugar in pure frozen fruit

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oh boy, I got some bad news yesterday from a friend!he said that my evening indulgence of  frozen mango/peach halves and strawberries (@3 cup all toether @ 10 pieces) is insanely bad, because the sugar in the fruit turns to fat! can this be true, or is he over reacting.  the way I look at it is a bowl of fruit has to be better than alot of other choices I could be making. does anyone want to comment about this? ps- the bag label says: per cup 70cal/0fats/17carb/15sugar
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Sugar doesnt turn to fat anymore so than protein does. You will not put on weight unless you overindulge in this. There is nothing wrong with sugar, except maybe it burns quickly, but if you're going to bed, you wont notice.

I think you're doing an awsome job with the fruit. Its either that or buying some crazy carb smart icecream, which may be full of fat anyway.

weigh your fruits and see how many cals your consuming if you're worried. The fruit itself is healthy, so it just depends on portion size. If you're really freaked out, eat crushed ice. But I enjoy my frozen fruit all the time. In fact....
Buy a small can of pineapple pieces in water or drain, and crush up in blender with ice(if it was drained), add some super low cal cordial (like 3 cals) - instant slurpee!! That does have sugar I guesss...
Try frozen mango. Or just eat grapes frozen
Best is frozen bananas, stick blender, dash of liquid (soy milk = goodness) - icecream!!!
So much healthier than b uying sorbet (which ahs added sugar and often egg) or icecream
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Eating too much of anything can make you fat.

Fruits good for you anyway.
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