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Sugar Free Jell-O- how much is too much?

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So i bought the 60 calorie sugar free jello (dulce de leche vanilla) and i absolutely LOVE THEM!:) but i was just wondering if theres anything in them that are bad for you? they have 7g sugar alcohol.. ive already had 2 today but i have enough cal allowance for another one, but not sure if thats a good idea?! thanks

p.s. u should all try them!:) yuumm
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As long as you get all of your essential vitamins and nutrients and eating the jello doesn't replace things like veggies, then there's no problem in treating yourself. There are no 'horrible' ingredients in them that I know of, so no sweat. Eat them in moderation and enjoy! :)

is that the jello or the pudding? cups or boxes you mix yourself? I'd check the ingredients - only thing that could potentially cause issues is the artificial sweeteners - on occassion I've found them to have quite a laxative effect if eaten in quantity - however, you may have to eat until you find your personal limit though. I had this problem mostly with sorbitol in candies (I used to be a peppermint addict). You might also want to watch the sodium count on them as well.

Again, even though it's sugar free and seems good for you, everything is best in moderation. Personally, I'd have to determine the serving size for that calorie count to determine if it's still worth having more than one at a time, regardless of my spendable calories. I tend to seek the biggest protein bang for my caloric buck so that I'm not hungry in 1/2 an hour when the carb high wears off.

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