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Sudden aversion to chicken...??

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So....I normally eat a lot of chicken- it's healthy and delicious! However, just the other day, I made myself a chicken salad sandwich (chicken salad from Costco- not the healthiest thing, but, it's yummy :) and brought it to work for lunch. When I went to eat it, I took two bites and suddenly got super nauseous and gagged. I had to spit out the mouthful I had. It smelled fine, and I know that it hadn't gone bad, cause we'd had it for lunch the day before too. It was really weird. 

Since then, I have had a total aversion to chicken- it's just grossing me out! I don't know what the problem is. My husband and I are trying to get pregnant, and it's possible that maybe that's what it is, but, it would be really early, and I have no other pregnancy symptoms. Bizarro. Anyone else ever experience a sudden total gross-out aversion to a food you normally enjoy?? :(

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Last time I ate almonds I got a really bad migraine right after I ate them and since then have not wanted to touch them. I do wonder sometimes if I have a nut allergy specifically to peanuts and almonds... and maybe walnuts.

Basically the only time I develop aversions to foods is when I've had a bad experience with them (i.e. food poisoning) or I just plain hate the taste.

It doesn't sound like this is the case for you. Maybe you've just had too much chicken and need a break or maybe you're getting sick.


chicken barley soup...used it love it...after the one time I had a stomach flu and regurgitated it through my nose I can't stand it.  Maybe in a decade or so, but not anytime soon!

Veggie lasagna from Trader Joe's...I think I ate a bit too much of it as it was a regular staple for a few months.  I still love the idea of it, but the last time I got it I had to force myself to eat it rather than waste the food.  It's off the grocery list for the time being.

Maybe you've got something or maybe there was something odd about that sandwich, give yourself a couple days before trying to revisit it.

Maybe it's that you've just had too much of it in a short time - the same happened to me with fettucine alfredo. I used to have that several times a month, sometimes several times a week, when I was a teen, because my mother would buy frozen dinners and I was on the run all the time because of my skating schedule, so I'd rely on those a lot. Now, even the thought of fettucine alfredo makes me gag. 

Hopefully though, you're pregnant ;)

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