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Is there such a thing as too much potassium?

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Is eating 3 bananas a day too much potassium for your body?

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Yes there is such a thing as too much, but I can't imagine 3 bananas would get you there.

You can overdo anything, really... but 3 bananas a day shouldn't hurt you.  Do you log foods on here?  It should give you an idea of how much potassium you're taking in every day.  :) 

Personally, I love bananas and eat about 2-3 a day.  Haven't had any problems yet.  lol  Helps keep me from getting charlie horses!

3 Bananas won't put u overboard! Plus, when you consume sodium and potassium, the two balance each other out.

Potassium is the hardest mineral for me to get the full RDA of.  I never get even close to 4700mg a day.  More like 1500mg on a good day.

A large, 8-9 inch banana only has 487mg so you would have to eat about 10 bananas a day just to barely exceed the recommended daily allowance.


I have the same problem brian_. Always less than half of what I need for Potassium, and always around double the amount of sodium (1500) I should get.

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You're fine.

One big banana has 800mg of potassium. You need about 3500mg daily.

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I'm really trying to eat enough potassium and don't know how to get the numbers there!  If this tool is correct, I may never make it.  :-( 

I'm typing in my best guess as to how to really get there (without consuming 10 bananas).  Rather I'm including one each of the following:  lg coffee, lg banana, 1/2 cup sweet potato, lg apple, 1/2 cup dried apricots, 3 oz carrots and find that I'm less than half way there.  Any suggestions??

I'm pretty sure no person of average determination gets there - why isn't this a health crisis? 

I'm struggling with trying to get enough potassium each day - if I'm not having potatoes for dinner, I always seem to be short.  I eat bananas, broccoli.  It's making me nuts.  I always seem to be low on potassium and I DON'T want to eat 40 bananas.

I'd like some snack type food ideas that could get me to the number I need!

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