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Is subway bad for you?

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I normally get a foot long turkey, with provolone cheese and lots of veggies! Is this bad for me to eat?
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There's no good or bad foods. There's a healthy lifestyle. Just know you're having a lot of bread for "lunch" and I don't know how many calories you're eating. It's definitely better than a Big Mac!

A foot long of anything is too much food.

Subway started off with good intentions, but now they are no better for you than McDonalds. I would argue that Subway is actually WORSE because people believe that they are making a healthy choice so they eat an entire 12 inch sub loaded with processed meats, cheese, sauces and a handful of iceburg lettuce...

At least when people go to McDonalds they KNOW that they are eating pure crap.

How is eating a 1500 calorie sub on "whole wheat" better than a 600 calorie Big Mac? It's not.

Calories are calories/

Thank you for the help! I am now going to stay away from subway for a while!

Well, technically their subs aren't a foot long...they're 11". Laughing

And your sandwich has 670 calories, 16g fat, 94g carbs (10g fiber, 14g sugar) and 43g protein. I bolded the carbs part because I think 94g of carbs in one meal is a bit excessive and should have far more fiber in it than 10g. That being said, if it fits into your calories for the day and you're not missing out on other nutrients because of it, have your footlong turkey with provolone.

There is no reason to avoid Subway; there is no reason to avoid McDonald's either.  Learn what a proper proportion is for your size and activity level and then eat as wide a variety of foods as you can.

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I definitely wouldn't say that subway is as bad as McDonald's.  They clearly tell you the calorie info they give is for a 6 inch.  So if you are eating the entire foot long you have to double all the nutritional information, cal, fat etc... so that would be bad.  Keep it to the 6 inch

Also skip the cheese and chips and drink (unless it's water)

Doing those things it's way better than mickey d's.  I wouldn't go there every day however.




It is bad.

Subway was my love in college. Always (4 times a week) got a footlong turkey on wheat: lots of black olives, cucumbers, lettuce, honey mustard, and white american sometimesdemcookies. I would walk home carrying my toasted sub in my bag, with a proud grin on my face, thinking, 'wow I'm so healthy look look look' as my roomie walked next to me carrying her nasty Wendy's bag of double cheeseburger and frosty with fries. Then we devour it while playing Halo and pass out.

Now I'm aware of the truth. Subway is crap. Overpriced crap. I t r i e d to eat a sub recently my friend got me. Gross. It's all bread, not good tasting bread. The 'meat' is thin, salty as hell, tastless. The veggies are old, wilted. Workers always try to rip me off on veggies so I have to keep saying more more more! Not to mention the funk smell. The store smells funk, the funk lingers on the sub and in your house. After eating the sub, you get that terrible bloat from bread and sodium. My body just hurt and cried out. And while eating the sub, all the stuff falls out, and if you get a sauce, the sub is mushy. Just yuck.

People say the sub is decently healthy if you get all veggies. But it is still a waste of money. For the cost, I'd rather shove an apple, PB&J, or etc in my bag to have in emergency. Or just live off my body fat until I got home. Also consider those veggies and meats have been sitting out, probably sneezed upon by workers, and so on. I can't stand food after it's been sitting out.

If it's a treat you like, then go for it rarely. Just avoid thinking how I did in college that you are buying something 'good for you'. Don't be taken advantage of by these companies and don't buy into that subway Rewards or deals for buy a sub and get one free/half off, 5 dollar nasty footlong.

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While I was losing 2 lbs/day I ate a lot of Subway 6" sandwiches, usually turkey with all the vegetable options, topped with pepper/vinegar/mustard. Basically a low meat salad on a bun, and the bun is mostly air, so it doesn't add a lot of calories. On the old calorie cheat sheet I still carry in my wallet I count it as 280 calories. It made me feel pretty full when I was trying to hold my daily eating to 1500-1800 calories for weight loss.

On my cheat sheet, this 6" Subway is equivalent to a McDonald's regular hamburger with the pickle slice and dots of catsup and mustard. No question which one was more satisfying for the calories eaten.

Subway tastes like ass. Old meat and spoiled veggies for toppings. No thank you.

Lots of white carbs (80+ grams of white carbs per footlong), but a turkey sandwich is ok. It's all processed and high in sodium though. By the way the "wheat" bread is pretty much white bread with brown coloring.

Also the 6-grams of fat is kinda a scam, since it's without cheese, and most people get cheese instantly without questioning themselves.

I also find the 6-grams or less to be quite tasteless. Usually get the Philly Cheesesteak (w/o cheese) with Ranch sauce. 890 Calories and 2120 mg of sodium, that's alot, but is sure tasty.


My advice is: don't get the "healthy" subs. They're still very processed, instead, make it a treat once in a while but get the tastier options. Or better yet, get a salad

However, if a 6 inch fills you up, then Subway isn't a problem.



This will probably sound crazy, but try skipping the cheese. I'm a cheese lover, could eat it all day, but I found I actually don't notice it not being on my sandwiches. Especially Subway cheese, which to me seems a little on the bland side (I love a sharp cheddar or swiss). I save so many calories, fat grams, sodium, etc. by skipping the cheese. You could always order it on the side and if you find you really miss it, put it back on.

 As far as whether you should eat it or not, that's totally up to you. If it fits with your calorie limit and you're able to meet your nutrient requirements, why not? I will say one other thing, I used to eat the whole foot long and I always felt terrible after. Now I eat the 6 inch and immediately put the remaining half away, out of sight out of mind. Within about 10 minutes I feel full and have no desire for the rest of that footlong. And the best part is you have leftovers!

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Processed turkey is loaded with sodium!  And eating too much sodium is bad for you.  So if you do go to subway, make sure you watch your sodium intake for the day.

Original Post by thhq:

 and the bun is mostly air, so it doesn't add a lot of calories. 

Um, where did you get this nugget of knowledge? 

Original Post by smallblackrabbit:

Original Post by thhq:

 and the bun is mostly air, so it doesn't add a lot of calories. 

Um, where did you get this nugget of knowledge? 

LMAO!!! I don't understand people on this site.

I think you need to pass some kind of test before you are allowed to offer advice


That's about an 800 calorie sandwich... all at one meal. Lots of empty calories, not a lot of fiber or high quality protein - NOT WORTH IT. Oh and there is lots of bloat inducing sodium... And if you add mayo or any fatty toppings of that nature the calorie count only increases. 


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In terms of takeaway food, subway would be one of the better options. Of course, some of the choices are better than others, and a foot long is probably too much to have in one sitting for most people.

when I go to Subway I usually ask for my sub in salad form, although I can't understand why it costs $1 more to get rid of the bread and add an extra handful of lettuce, I'm pretty sure the bread costs more then the lettuce...

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So true Natasha ... I get salads too, and its ridiculous how its more expensive!
Original Post by nebichan:

There's no good or bad foods. There's a healthy lifestyle. Just know you're having a lot of bread for "lunch" and I don't know how many calories you're eating. It's definitely better than a Big Mac!

I couldn't disagree with this more. Check out the ingredients in subway bread. That alone is pretty scary. If you think it's better than a Big Mac, you might only be thinking of the macro nutrients (fat/carbs/etc). The truth is your body needs a much more complex profile of nutrients than fat/carbs/protein, and the ingredients for good health come from "clean" foods, or ones that are minimally processed. 

There are bad-quality foods. Subway ranks pretty high on that list. 

Do some Googling about what clean eating is. You might find yourself pretty disgusted with Subway. I sure did... 

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