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Substitute for cream in coffee

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I drink a lot of coffee. Even though I switched to fat-free milk, it adds up fast and I am wasting a lot of calories just by lightening my coffee. Does anyone have a lower calorie alternative to lighten coffee? And don't tell me to drink it black - I love the rich taste of strong coffee with cream added - black coffee would never cut it.
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Well, you're going to find some people who say there's no good substitue for cream in coffee, but...

I'm a big fan of sugar free fat free coffee mate, however that can add up too.

Unsweetened vanilla flavored Almond breeze is a good milk alternative.

Just use less milk...

I use 1% lowfat milk and it maybe accounts for 60 calories a day.  Today I used a tsp. of heavy whipping cream (we were out of milk) and that was only 17 calories.  I don't see what the big deal is.  I definitely wouldn't use any "sugarfree" creamers - artificial sweeteners are bad for you.

marmarl is probably right about the artificial sweeteners being bad for you, but I use sugar free creamers when I really need coffee. hazelnut is really yummy! If I go to a coffee shop, I just get a 16 oz. nonfat iced mocha which is 173 calories and has a lot of caffeine.

I use 1 tablespoon of fat free half-and-half in each cup.  It only has 10 calories.  It's not as good as regular, but its better than just milk.  It took a little getting used to though.

I know some people use the vanilla almond breeze in their coffee. I buy the unsweetened vanilla almond breeze with 40 cals per cup. So you use like 1/4 cup you are only looking at 10 cals and that would seem to be plenty for a cup of coffee. Add some sweetener to it as well.

This is a big problem for me, too.  I drink black coffee primarily, but I have times where I just crave a creamy/flavored coffee, and skim or even 2% plain doesn't cut it for me, either.  I don't use artificial sweeteners, so SF creamers are out.  I shy away from those anyway because I don't think they're that good for us on a regular basis.  I buy the refrig. kind, so I can't use it sparingly, or I end up throwing it all out, which I also hate.  For people that use them, great, I'm not disparaging you or the creamer ;-)  It's just that I can't use the recommended "serving."  I like a lot.  I want to know it is in there, so I just don't buy it anymore, and I'm in a serious state of wanting something more in my coffee right now.  Many people have seen me staring longingly into the dairy case at the creamer section lately, and then dragging myself away by the ear, arguing with those 2 creatures sitting on both my shoulders. 

I've found a trick that I've been using a lot, as mentioned above, which works pretty well.  I've started using about 1/2 to 1 tbls. of heavy cream and a more liberal amount of 2%, like probably 1/4c.  This does the trick very well and doesn't add anything artificial.  You still have to add sweetener, if you use it.  This trick would also work well with the unsweetened vanilla almond breeze, and for fewer calories.  I haven't tried the vanilla, can't get it here, but I've tried the plain, and it also lacks the richness and depth that most of us "coffee with our cream" people crave.  Tongue out  A very small amount of heavy cream (plus an extra-low-cal cream stretcher) in a couple of cups of coffee a day or on days when you really need something special wouldn't hurt much, I wouldn't think.  No glugging allowed, though! Wink

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