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Stupid Question about Butternut Squash

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Okay I know you are suppose to cut it in half and take the seeds out. But do I leave the outer shell (skin) on it? Is that part edible? It's so hard so I just don't know. Ovbiously this is somewhat new to me LOL

Oh and what temperature do I cook it? do I need to put water in the baking dish or just set the squash in it? Does it need to be covered?


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I eat the skin. Had a big hunk of butternut squash tonight with lentils, actually. I love the fall season and its lovely wonderland of squash - wee!

Honestly, I just cut the squash in cubes and stick it in the microwave until it's to my preferred softness, lol. So you don't need to cook it with water.

You can cook it with or with out the peel. The peel can be eaten, though I don't really care for the taste of it.

There are several ways to cook a squash.  Somtimes I just turn the cut halves upside down in a pan and bake them at about 400 for 20 -30 minutes. When it is soft and easy to pierce it is done. At this point if you woudl like you can brush it will a small amount of oil and season with cinnamon, nutmeg cloves, or allspice and a bit of sugar or honey and cook a few more minutes, cut side up.

My favorite way {and this only works with some squash, acorns tend to be drier and are impossible to peel raw}, is too clean it, cut it in to cubes {peeled} and toss with a very small amount of oil {a little goes a long way, you just want a light coating} and toss with a bit of sugar/cinnamon/ginger/cloves/allspice and roast in a very hot oven {about 425 or so}. Its soft and sweet, almost like a pumpkin pie without the custardy part.

It can also be pureed with broth or milk and made in to soups {there are many recipes out there}, or season with savory seasonings, or roast in a crockpot with meat {if you eat meat, I dont'}, or toss with other veggies and some oil and seasonings as a roast veggie medly. It can be microwaved if you are in a hurry as stated above, or even boiled though I don't like it that way as it kills the flavor.

The roast cubes can be combined with corn and lima beans to make a succotash  or used in lots of ways. It can even be used as a quick pumpkin substitute for muffins, smoothies, etc.. the possiblilies are as endless as your imagination.

I love love love squash. There must be something going on tonight. I also just had squash with my dinner {sockeye salmon, with orange juice and rosemary}.


Thanks for all the suggestions!

This is what I did;

I rinsed and cut it up in cubes. I placed it in a 8x13 glass baking dish. I sprinkled cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger on it. then I put about 1/2 C water in the pan. I cooked it on 350 for 45 minutes. I added about 1/4 C sugarfree coconut milk.  Then I took it out and mashed it with a fork. I added about 1/4 C sugar free maple syrup and 1 TBS butter and mashed it again. At this point there was still liquid but not that much. I put it back in the oven and turned the heat up to 500 degrees and cooked it until the juice was almost gone, about 10 minutes.

Mmmmmmmmmmmm it was delicious!

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I recommend butternut in oatmeal with chopped apple and raisins-like a pumpkin sub.

I don't usually eat the skin of acorn squash, fresh pumpkin or butternut squash.

=^..^= MOLLY

I'm with Molly, I don't ever eat the skin of any squash.

I usually prepare a butternut by piercing it several times and baking it whole in the oven for an hour, turning it over once half way through.  Handling it hot and trying to peel it and cut it up is hard.

But recently I peeled the entire thing with a potato peeler, cut in into chunks and coated them with a small amount of extra virgin olive oil and tossed into a roasting pan and roasted for 40 minutes.  Then I tossed all of the cooked squash into a food processor, added veggie stock, salt, pepper and wizzed it together.  I added 1 tablespoon of maple syrup in the end, wizzed another minute and served in a nice big soup bowl!  Super tasty!

With any of the winter squash, we just either roast (cut in half and upside down in oven with a very small amount of water) or microwave (pretty much the same way OR in one of the new bags for the microwave) and then eat the "meat" straight out of the shell/skin. Nothing added.

We have been trying some of the more "exotic" winter squash lately. Tried a Turbin squash and a couple of other strange names and shapes. The best "new" one we tried was a golden acorn squash. We normally get just plain acorn squash, but the golden was actually sweeter.

We should try some of the other ways suggested, but it just tastes so good plain!

(We also haven't eaten the skin...)

the skin of winter squashes is too tough to eat, in my opinion.  My favorite way to serve butternut squash is in a velvety soup.  I usually cut it in strips, peel the strips and dice them, then cook in my soup stock and puree when done.

Microwaving is easy too.  Just make sure you pierce it deeply in a half dozen places or it will explode and you'll have a real mess.  Once it's soft, let it cool a little and then cut open and scoop out the seeds. 

I love the golden acorn squashes! 

I used the leftover squash and made a butternut pumpkin bread and it was good. I made it sugar free but dang that flour gave it alot of calories. I'm switching to spelt flour or wheat flower next.
Original Post by shiagirl:

I used the leftover squash and made a butternut pumpkin bread and it was good. I made it sugar free but dang that flour gave it alot of calories. I'm switching to spelt flour or wheat flower next.

There are even better flours that are not wheat you can try- Bob's Red mill has a wide variety :

I always eat the shell I sure hope it's edible! I cook it at about 400.

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