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Strange things to throw on a BBQ

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Ok, so the barbecue season is practically over.  What are some of the strangest things that you have cooked on a BBQ?  I mean everyone cooks meat.  Most people will wrap some onions, mushrooms, or vegies up in tin foil and cook them.  But what else have you tried?

With me it's corn on the cob.  Leave the husk on, soak them is some water, then throw them on the barbie.  Because you leave the peel on they cook in their own juices, and it makes it really easy to get all the silk off.  The bad part is that you still have to be careful when peeling because the burnt husk will stick to your hands and can get on the corn if you're not careful.

I also recently discovered roasting red peppers on the bbq.  Just slice the red pepper into 4 flat pieces and throw them on the bbq until they brown.  So delish.

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fruit kabobs brushed with just a bit of olive oil

use pineapple & pear
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