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Can I store things like oatmeal and cereal in the fridge?

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'Tis ant season, and I thought if I hide anything that might attract them beforehand, I won't have to deal with them later on. It's never occured to me that things like cereal could actually be refrigerated, but now I am wondering, is it safe do it? (Sorry if it's an obvious question - I've just never heard of anyone doing it). Would I be better off leaving it at room temp, or will it not make a difference?
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my daughter lives in Hawaii and they do the fridge thing to keep ants out of a lot of their foods. The only thing I can think of is to make sure the product is sealed airtight to avoid it picking up moisture. You could do this by putting the cereal in a large zip lock bag and store it that way or just toss the zip lock back in the box the cereal came in.

Have you ever trued one of the sealing machine.  They work great, if you get a good one, don't waste your money on a cheap one.  Keeps foods fresh as well.

I get ants because a am a baker and they like the sugar on my shoes.
Thanks William!

Spoiled, sealing machine? Is that something I would have to buy? Because I have so much extra room in my fridge right now, I would hate wasting money on something new if there is a way not to...
Edit: I googled it, I know what it is now =)
Yes they run about $100.  Great for freezing foods and cheese seems to last forever when it is sealed on the vacuum setting.

i used to live in a city apartment and had much competition for my food, if you know what i mean.  i refrigerated everything, including spices.  it's true that if it's not well sealed, it will pick up moisture and get gross.  i got good tupperware and stored oatmeal, cereal, etc.  and whatever i could freeze, i froze.  i never had a problem.

Actually, it is better to store whole grain things in the fridge. Because they contain a bit more fat, things like WW flour, barley, and brown rice can go rancid (after 4-6 months) if you don't refrigerate them. I have heard that rancid fats are one of the worst things for your health.

The fridge is a very moist environment and the cereal will get soggy in no time flat. If it isn't safe to leave the cereal in the box, put it into a big airtight container and keep it in the cupboard. There's no need or benefit to refrigeration for cereal.

Thanks caloriecounting and scoutie, that's good to know! I've done it for about a day so far. I still put things back in the cupboard though sometimes - it's hard to get used to.

Kajikit, I seal the cereal bags with those giant paper clips, and make sure that all the air is out. Wouldn't that help keep it dry? And it's not touching any vegetables or anything. Have you ever tried it and had it not work?

The cerel will go stale faster in the fridge.  The oatmeal will too, but it won't be as noticable since you cook oatmeal.

I just use pickle jars in my cupboard.  They're made of glass with a screw lid and hold about a gallon.  I've had ants and mice get into tupperware, but never into a jar with a screw-down lid. 

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