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how do you store blueberries and raspberries?

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Before the end of the season, I want buy a lot of blueberries and raspberries and store them in the fridge. Can anybody advise me on the best way to do this?

they will be very expensive in NY while not in season and I am lover of them. I eat them with my morning cereal.

Thoughts please. Thanks.
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Just keep them in the container, they're good for about a week. The only thing about blueberries is that you should wait to wash them until right before you eat them. They have a delicate protective cover that comes off with gentle washing and you want that on there as long as possible, I believe to prevent spoilage. I don't know about raspberries, they're probably good for about the same amount of time. 

If you don't eat them all you can freeze them, I love frozen berries in protein smoothies.
Raspberries are more delicate than blueberries - I can never get them to last longer than a day or two before they get moldy. So frustrating!

Definetly freeze any excess - layer on a cookie sheet so they're not touching, freeze, then throw them into ziploc freezer bags.

Also look in your freezer section: you can buy frozen berries year-round and they are very good - often better than what you can buy in the produce section. Make smoothies out of them, or just take out a serving and put it in the fridge overnight and it'll be thawed by morning in time for breakfast.
thanks so much. Actually, I want to keep them for a long time to be ready while they are not in season. i guess i will freeze them. yes, raspberries are difficult to keep fresh.
can't wait
Do not waste your money buying fresh berries that you expect to freeze. You can buy really good ones already frozen.
i love snacking on strawberries and blueberries, but just after a few days of storing them in the fridge i find that the texture turns i'll keep em in the fridge for 2 days, then i move em to the freezer if i havent finished them by that i get frozen berries which are pretty good too. but usually i do end up eating most of them within two days, cos i buy them in smaller packs...the frozen leftovers would be a great addition to low fat yogurt, smoothies or milk and cereal.
I love snacking on frozen blueberries.  They're like a blueberry popsickle.  I freeze, same as above, on cookie sheet, then dump into a bag.  I buy one container first, to see if they are good, then go back and buy large quanities to freeze.
I find strawberries and blueberries can last up to a week if stored right strawberries I place in a container with paper towel on the bottom. I wash the berries n leave stems on put them in the container n cover with another paper towel. They taste fresh all week. Blueberries I wash n place in a bowl w paper towel on top n bottom. The paper towel absorbs the water n keeps them fresh. Same can be done w lettuce. Hope this helps
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