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how can i stop always eating when im alone???

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i am so sick of this!!! i always eat so much when im alone!!!!!! i know that it is because i am in my own house where i can go into any cupboard and grab anything i want since it is my food and not a friends, but i always eat so much when no one is around. and then when its meal time with my family im not hungry. i jsut wish i could jump start the feelings i have when im around ppl in an eating situation like lunch at school, parties, etc. When im alone i want to feel the same anxious "im eating too much" feelings that i get in social eating situations. can anyone give any advice on not eating so much food when im alone so that i can truly enjoy eating with my family and friends and not hiding my eating?
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Brush your teeth after meals and stop snacking. This has been a miracle for me!!

Chew gum.
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its worth a try!!! thanks so much!!!
I know what you mean!  Since I retired, I have that problem.  I deal with it by planning my meals and snacks.  I even prepare them ahead of time, so I can just grab one of my pre-measured snacks and eat it without guilt.
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Original Post by c_jamie:

Chew gum.

 Yes, yes, yes! I started chewing gum at work so I wouldn't raid the fridge or the pantry there. They have less than desirable snack options. So I bought a huge pack of Extra Spearmint, and nothing tastes good after that strong of a mint flavor! Tongue out

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Maybe you should plan your meals throughout the day. I always make sure to have 3 meals, 2 snacks and 1 dessert. I make sure that's my plan everyday. I don't believe in skipping meals or being unprepared and this way I never go over my daily calorie limit.
You have some dangerous issues and need to seek professional help, please for your own sake.  You are 98 lbs, asking about diet pills in a thread and now help with eating so much when noone is around?  Having issues with eating is serious, I will pray for you...
Opps, sorry awertz...just realized that you gained weight this summer.  I still think that you need to work on the issues you have with food and why you don't like eating in front of people, probably because you restricted yourself prior.  Btw, stay away from diet pills...if you want to curb appetite around holidays, eat things low cal but high fiber.
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yes i agree that probably is true since i restricted myself so much i became embarrassed to eat and rarely did, but now when i do its always alone. thanks for the insights though and for caring about me!!!!
I have your problem!!!  When I am by myself at home, I can put away a whole pint of Ben & Jerry's with no problem!  I have found that for me, it's a conscious decision all the time.  When I'm by myself & start feeling like I need something to eat, I usually will grab a bottle of water and walk outside & make myself down the whole bottle.  It makes you go away from the kitchen and most of the time, your thirsty anyways!  Sometimes I will just get a small glass of 1% milk which helps me feel full also!
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thanks i think i will have to try that!!!
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