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Stomach Pain From Gum

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I'm wondering if this is possible or if anyone has experienced this. Lately for some reason I have been chewing a LOT of gum. I mean A LOT. Probably 2-3 packs a day of Orbit (the soft sticks) or Eclipse (the pellet kind). I usually chew 2 pieces at a time, and I chew the most at night. It seems like any night (which is like every night...) I chew a lot, my stomach hurts a lot. I asked people I knew, and a few said it could be gas in my stomach from swallowing air from chewing gum... I'm not sure about that. All I know is I get sharp pains from it.

Has anyone else experienced this or can explain it? THANKS!
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because sugerless gum contains sorbital which is a non'nutrative sweetner meaning we cant absorb it
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are you eating meals too or is your stomach in pain because you are chewing gum instead of eating?  when you chew, you start your digestive fluids going in your stomach and if you haven't eaten regular food, then it tries to digest your stomach instead (aka ulcers).
No, I've been eating as well.

Hmm, Sorbital? Another non-nutritive sweetener! And to think I've been avoiding pop and diet pop because of Aspartame!

Which do you think is worse for you - Diet pop w/ Aspartame (and no calories... hm) or Sugarless gum with Sorbital (and some calories)? I can't give up both!!!
I had the same problem this week! I was chewing lots of orbit gum to avoid snacking, and I had the most horrible stomach pains. I stopped chewing it, and my stomach doesn't hurt any longer. Could be from something else, but it could be from not chewing gum. Might be good to give it a try.
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sorbitol gives me gas/stomach cramps & diahrea
Gum just gives me pain no matter what kind it is.

| believe it's because your body thinks from the chewing motion/saliva production, that you're about to swollow some food, so your stomach prepares the digestive juices. But when there's nothing for it do ~ dissolve/digest, the acids in your stomach are emptily rumbling around in there. Giving you that feeling.

Just a word. =]
My mother has IBS and cant use Sorbitol at all!  Serious pain and know.  Aspartame doesn't bother her at all though.
Wow! That explains a lot!

I've eaten different sugar free mints this week. I got tummy ache and the runs, the ingrediants show sorbital as the main ingrediant!

elttiks .x.
It's that nasty Sorbitol!! Best bet, stay away from it!
Any sort of artificial sweeteners give me problems.  I get headaches and an upset stomach when I drink diet pop or chew sugar-free gum.
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I get this too! Ouch! With a few more unpleasant symptoms as well (yuck!) It sux that all gum is now sugar free & has all that crap in it! Now my only choice for gum is the sugary bubble gum and I won't eat that teeth rotting stuff.

My advice: stay away from all the sweeteners, asparatame, sorbitol, etc.  & then your tummy will be happy.

Also, dont' forget to read labels. I once downed 3 quaker chocolate chip granola bars, got that real bad pain in my tummy, gurgling & all, and read the label. They actually have sorbitol in them (at least here in Canada they do). Isnt' that just stupid! There shoudl be a big warning!!!! But nope. No warning, just have to read ALL labels now before eating any thing I think might be a suitable diet treat.
yeah ive experienced the same so i just lay off having so much. try to just have 1 pack, and not all at once. i figured it was something with too much air, cause one day i swear i gained just from chewing so much gum, after that it was easy for me to cut down. now i dont really have it much at all.
I agree with everyone else.  Sorbitol and Manitol is the DEVIL!!!  Watch it is in everything, especially over the counter meds.  If you are sensitive it can be awful. My hubbies chews a pack of sugar free gum a day, the large pack, with no problems.  Give me two pieces of sgar free gum and I am in the bathroom all day!!  Very unfortunate for a sensive folks!
I have never been able to chew gum because it makes me have an upset stomach.  I believe it's air mainly because I really chew and can feel the little air bubbles gathering when I chew it and then when I swallow all that juicy air it really causes problems.  I wish I could chew it too, I love the cinnamon gum but it's sure not worth it.   It has happened with sugared and sugar-free gum..
My dentist recommended sugar-free gum with Xylitol as a way of strengthening my teeth, especially after something like Crystal Light, which has a lot of citric acid for flavoring. Trident does have Xylitol, but also has Mannitol. Sorry. I am supposed to chew it 3 times a day, but find I can not do that on an empty stomach either. But it is still better for your teeth than gum with sugar.
anie, r u avioding aspartame because it gives u tunny troubles or just becasue u have been told its bad i say aviod whichever one gives u GI trouble if both do then stay away from both, if only sorbital does then stay away from that......
The only problem with Xylitol is that dogs who ingest it can die from it as it can cause hypoglycemia, liver failure and death if they eat it, even apparently in small amounts. So, dog owners, keep that gum (and other Xylitol products) kept up where Fluffy can't reach it!
its the gas...u dont get digestive fluids in the stomach
The E. coli etc. in your gut flora will gladly eat up undigested sugar alcohols from the gum and produce gas -> tremendous bloating à la lactose intolerance.  This effect is later than the initial stomach discomfort but I know exactly what you're talking about. 

Wikipedia has a surprisingly comprehensive treatment on this topic.
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This exact thing happened to me. I started chewing about 2 or 3 packs of orbit a day (I have no clue why - it just tastes good) and about 3 days into doing so I was sitting down and when I stood up I had to keel over because my stomach hurt so badly. It wasn't an upset stomach, it was just like stomach cramps worse than I had ever felt before. It's got to be the xylitol, and it's hard, but I'm staying away from orbit now.
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