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Stomach Ache......What should I eat?

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I considered an apple, broth, orange juice, a piece of toast and they all sound too harsh for me and i'm tempted to eat some crackers but they are loaded with calories. I've had 950 calories today and am set to eat 1700 for weight loss according to CC.

Any Ideas on what to eat for an upset stomach?

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If you have an upset stomach and your at 950, needing to get to 1700, why do you care about how "loaded with calories" crackers are?

I'd go with the crackers. Heck, I'd even eat em with some peanut butter.

Toast also wouldnt be too harsh. But def. eat more than just "an apple" or something.

Well the doctor always told me to give my kids the B.R.A.T. diet when they had an upset tummy.  Bananas Rice Applesauce or toast.  Hope this helps you.

Hi Kan........thanks for your post. I know it's silly about why do I care but I have this weird thing that I think I may get really hungry later and don't want to spend so many calories on crackers. I am a night eater.........not in the middle of the night but I like the bulk of my calories in the evening (I know that's not good either but it is what works best for me).

Peanut butter and crackers does sound good Laughing

jbart..........OOOoooooooooh good idea.........rice sounds really good and so does applesauce. I'm afraid banana's and I don't always agree but dang the rice sounds perfect. Thanks

Hot  Tea.  And I will add that once a friend of mine with ulceritis was told by his doctor to eat all bland white foods like baked chicken, rice, bread, and potatoes.

For me, its Pepto Bismal to deal with acids in the stomache.

I had 1 C cooked long grain white rice, 1/2 C cottage cheese (regular) and 1/2 C mixed veggies. Was around 500 calories and really good. I could only eat half as it made a huge bowl but I never knew cottage cheese melted that well. I've had lasagne before with cottage cheese in it and it didn't melt that well......this was nice and cheesy. Mmmmmmmmmmmm and easy on the tummy.

Ya I took some tums also.

shia, dually noted.

I'm a night eater myself. Something about night time tv and the chocolate my roommate leaves in the pantry. A recipe for disaster.

Does restricting during the day make you more hungry? As a night time eater I try to eat more during the day but usually it just ends up adding even MORE cal to my total day because I'm just as hungry at night as the days that I don't eat huge lunches/snacks.

I would definately stick to not so complicated foods...definately try eating some rice...rice will help bind you a can eat some crackers thats ok...definately eat a piece of toast too but i wouldn't load it with butter....

No it doesn't matter with me if I eat a big breakfast or small snacks throughout the day the evening is always the same..........hungry so I'd rather save up the bulk of my calories for the evening.

No no butter on the rice......just plain rice........could have used brown and would have been more nutritious however it didn't seem like my stomach would like that too much. What I ate did the trick. thanks for all the good tips.

I definately feel better today!

Can someone please tell me how to order the Z diet book?

 Nydia...........I have no idea what the Z diet book is but i'm sure if you did a search online it would come up.

Drink some Peppermint Tea..... 

If I have an upset stomach I find simple foods like beef broth or consumme soup with some rice, tea, banana, crackers, jell-o, or yogurt seem to go down. Of course not all together!! Those seem to be safe foods for me, as I have a weak stomach and can get nauseated easily.

Thanks Aisha...hmmm peppermint tea would have been really good too. Thanks for the tip.

pizza lover......ya the rice was a great idea even with broth but I ate it with veggies and cottage time I should do without the cottage cheese that was a little much although it was really tasty.

I think rice seems to be a best bet or like you said yogurt. '


saltine crackers aren't that high in cals...i think 60? calories for a reasonable sized portion. AND the salt sometimes curves your tummy ache. Also try ginger ale. Something in it makes it sooth your stomach.

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