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Stir fried vs. Boiled vs. Steamed?

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I want to know what are the caloric values for say, a plate of vegetables stir fried, versus boiled versus steamed?

How many calories do you add by stir-frying rather than boiling? Or what about steaming?

-Say 100g of raw Broccoli = 35 calories

-How much calories is it stir fried with 2 teaspoon of peanut oil (80 calories)? 

-How much boiled?

-How much steamed?


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Steamed = no extra calories.  best option

boiled = no extra calories.  some of the nutrients will leach out into the water.  second best option.

stir fried = veggie + oil ... 35 + 80 = 115

Thank you :) 

I agree that steaming veggies are the healthiest, low calorie option. However, don't completely abandon stir-frying: it can make boring vegetables taste much better, is very fast and convenient for mixing veggies, and can be added to stir-fried meat/tofu for a full meal. The oil can definitely be worth it to add taste, it's more important that you get to eat and enjoy vegetables. :)

I stir-fry a lot because it's much faster and easier for me personally, and I enjoy the flavor and texture more. This means I get more satisfaction from my food.

I am careful to measure out the amount of oil I use. I record the oil calories separately.

Even with a non-stick pan I use a little oil because you can't get the same browning and flavor without it.

stirfrying is a good option too!  It may be the highest calorie wise, but you can use some oild which are good for you!  ie. olive oil, and canola oil. 

Also, I know you didnt mention potatoes, btu potatoes are actually better for you with a little oil.  Because potatoes are a fast carb, the oil will slow it down, andyou will feel full longer.  Now I'm not saying go out and get macdonalds french fries, but diced potatoes tossed in oil and spices and then baked are delicious!

I prefer to saute things I can't otherwise steam (I don't like boiled vegetables. They do NOT sit well with me. And last time I tried to stir fry I got bad oil burns on my clothes and hands). Things like garlic, mushrooms and zucchini are the things I saute. Everything else is either steamed or baked.

My favorite (and quit) healthy lunch is a big bowl of steamed broccoli with sauted mushrooms, zucchini, garlic and a bit of cayenne pepper in it.


But steaming is best option I'd say (calorie and nutritionwise), then boiling, then sauteing (since you use less oil) then stir fry. But all are a big A+ for taste for sure.

I say measure your oil. I use the cap, it is quick and easy. I never just pour anymore. Also, it depends on what else you ate that day- to decide if stir fry or steaming is better- the whole idea is to stay on the reduced calorie intake to lose weight.

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