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Starbucks new **skinny** lattes

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This new latte they have has only 90 calories for their tall size.

Anyone have tried them? I ordered a skinny mocha today and it tastes like melted skinny cow fudge bar. It's kinda disappointing since it losts its richness and too "rubbery"....

I'm a coffee monster. Any other suggestions for coffee, americanos, or lattes that's not fat? I can only make instant coffee at work and I can't stand tim hortons...

Any advise is muchly appreciated.
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I too tired the skinny mocha the other night and was highly dissapointed.  The sugar free stuff they put in didn't mix well with the flavor and had a bad aftertaste.  I'm not sure about the other skinny's.

I really like their non-fat, sugar free caramel macchiato or a non-fat cappachino (I add splenda to sweeten).  Their light frappachinos (lighter and no whip) are pretty good too, especially when it gets warmer outside.

Mostly I make my own coffee @ home, it's cheaper and I can control the strength and I have a pretty lil' to-go coffee mug.
I can't stand the taste of the sugar free syrup. bleh. these don't work for me at all
Oh gosh, I absolutely love them! but I guess I am used to sugar free tastes by now. I love the hazelnut and the mocha both equally. satisfies the coffee craving for sure!

How do these latte's differ from the skim latte I have been ordering for years which has the same amount of calories?

Americano's are just expresso and water, therefore no fat/minimal calories as long as you don't add milk.

Or honestly milk really isn't bad for you in moderation, so have it with 1% or 2% milk instead.

Or better yet, give up caffeine altogether. I did this 1-2 months ago and literally have never felt better. I am richer and feel so much less like a junkie. Now when I am in the mood coffee is a treat rather than a necessity for the sustenance of life.

FYI, this topic was discussed before in the past two weeks here and here. Just letting you know that there is a search option which helps in finding threads with the same topic as yours.

"skinny" = "non-fat milk, sugar-free syrup". So they're the same as skim milk lattes but you can leave out all those words. They aren't new at all.

The lowest calorie coffee drink is... COFFEE! Americanos are pretty much the same thing.
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Have an American Soy misto w/ one raw sugar.
They are delicious, and you can have as little or as much soy as you like. Just depends if you want to cut calories.

Thanks a lot nycgirl for the links :)

the "skinny" is a platform, so rather than say non fat milk, sugar free syrup, no whip cream, you can just say "skinny."

i haven't heard anything good about the sugarfree mocha syrup, the majority of bux baristas hate it as well!

i work at starbucks in new zealand though, and we don't have the skinny platform or sf mocha...

yummy drinks though: non fat cappuccino w/ sweetner, non fat misto's, or coffee frappuccino light w/ sugar free vanilla (dosen't taste sugar free, and just sweetens it abit) 

I was happy that they finally had a sf mocha. I will get what I can take. I added 2 packets of splenda and it tasted better anyway :)

The skinny latte I tried was the cinnamon dulce one and I love it.

 They're not new they just gave it a name which I'm so thankful for because I hate having to say caramel latte, nonfat, sugar free, no whip when I order.

I like teas. I like Chai Tea Lattes, which I make at home. I brew the Chai Tea and froth light soy milk, then add a packet of splenda. Nice and foamy, and sooo good.

Lower in caffine, higher in anti-oxidants.

i tried the cinnamon flavored skinny latte and thought it was great! 
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I would definitely say you should go for the cinnamon dolce if you want a skinny latte.  Yes, the skinny mocha is absolutely terrible.  I cannot understand how it even got approved - just disgusting!  The suagr-free caramel and hazelnut have the distinct taste of an artificial sweetener and the vanilla isn't quite strong enough, but if you get extra vanilla, the sugar-free taste becomes distinct, so I personally would not say the vanilla is a winner with me.  But the connamon dolce is doable - I think it's pretty good.  Of course, if you want the coffee flavor but even fewer calories, you could get a nonfat misto (half steamed milk, half brewed coffee) and add the suagr free cinnamon dolce.  The reason I suggest this is because it cuts the milk calories in half and isn't bad tasting at all (in my opinion).  As for the chai lattes, they taste amazing, but I would definitely have to go with hgielrehtaeh (a couple of posts before me), i.e. brewing the chai is the way to go.  The Starbucks chai lattes are supposed to be made from concentrate, but they also add a truckload of sugar in there, so you could just order a nonfat tea misto (half skim milk, half steeped tea) and add your artificial sweetener.  It makes for a whopping 45 calories if you get a tall.  But you did say you're a coffee monster.... Perhaps the coffee misto would be the way to go for you...
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Whoa... I am so happy I have learnt of the misto. Now my order will be 10x as long as it used to be haha. I actually like the mocha syrup- I was on the cinnamon dolce for so long that I needed a change XD- I have a bottle of the dolce at home even. Ok... so lets practice this order...

Grande Sugarfree Cinnamon Dolce Soy Cafe Misto.  Now thats a drink. 

Now don't you feel special? And like you're not getting ripped off by paying $4 for bad coffee?
I love the cinnamon dolce skinny latte, I think it is yummy. One tip, get the short, saves on calories and really it is plenty of drink Wink

I really enjoy the sugar free mocha syrup. I tried it in a frappuccino light and it was quite a treat. A tall sugar free mocha frappuccino light would be about 100 calories. Not bad for a really creamy, somewhat chocolate indulgence.

I find the SF mocha tastes kinda like marshmallow. No, it's not the same as regular mocha, just different.

I love the skinny hazelnut latte! I am addicted to coffee but I am broke so I have been just sticking to plain coffee at home, haha
Im addicted to starbucks! I drink it like everyday before school or afterschool if im hanging out with my mommy. The best drinks id say are the skinny vanillas,i agree with everyone else on how disgusting the mocha ones are, but the vanilla and cinnamon and caramel are pretty good :) I also like them iced. passion tea lemonade WITHOUT syrup is freakin deliciousssssssss and prettyy low cal.
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i've tried most of the skinny latte flavors and my favorite so far is the vanilla latte.  it's really good.  the caramel was ok.  i agree with you the mocha isn't good at all and i didn't like the cinnamon either.   i haven't tried the hazelnut though, that's next on my list.
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