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Does splenda or sugar cause water weight?

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My question is basically in the title. I have had a good deficit for a couple of days, but have treated myself to low cal baked goods made with splenda, and I have seen an increase in the scale.

Im not overly concerned because I know that my weight fluctuates daily, but I was wondering if the splenda is the cause and if splenda/sugar causes water weight like sodium does.


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Artificial sweeteners are bad for you in many ways. Studies have been done that show they actually cause weight gain and other health problems. tloss/splenda.aspx weet.htm gers-of-splenda.html

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I used to be an avid Splena-crazed user lol...I put it on EVERYTHING and drank tons of beverages with it (or it's other aritficial sweetner counterparts)...I never experienced any water weight gain from it either while I was intiially losing weight and maintaining. The only "gain" these products are associated with is making you want to "crave" sweeter things (that do have lots and lots of calories)...of course that doesn't have to happen either, and they actually had the adverse impact for me by satisfying that "sweet tooth" with no calories....this is of course not to say that other bodies won't react differently to splenda or whatever....but I never had water weight gain from them, and weigh regularly and know what water weight is....lots of baked goods (more than usual) and/or real sugar will however cause water weight gain...this may be your problem over the splenda


I have however stopped using splenda and all artifical sweetners for over two months now...not for weight reasons, I just think my addiciton to them (and caffeine) got out of hand, wasn't healthy, and you never know if there is anything wrong with them...better safe than sorry!


hope this helps!


I don't know about splenda, but sugar (carbs) do cause you to retain more water weight, primarily because carbs/sugars will first be stored in glycogen in your muscles and that requires ample amounts of water, and then in your liver which also requires water.

I don't know that you should be all that concerned about this water weight, though.  It's the healthy way your body is made to work.

Sodium on the other hand causes you to retain EXTRA water (to dilute the sodium in your body so that you maintain the proper mineral/electrolyte and don't die).  If you reduce sodium intake, you can reduce that extra water.

Diet soda makes me REALLY bloated. I'm not sure if it is the sweetner or the carbonation. I used to drink a diet soda once in awhile for a treat. Back to drinkin plain ole water!!

splenda really bothers my stomach and makes me super bloated.. I used to use a ton of it but now I use Stevia.. its all natural and doesn't affect the glycemic index.. try it out! :)

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