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I keep hearing and reading on posts that artificial sweeteners are bad for you.  Every morning, I have a bowl of plain oatmeal with 2 Splenda packets and a big mug of coffee with 2 Splenda packets... if I'm ever eating ANYTHING that isn't sweet enough, I always reach for the Splenda.  Is this bad?  I try to limit the amount of real sugar I eat, so I substitute the Splenda, but now I'm starting to freak out about artificial sugars.  Thanks for the advice!
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I don't know if splenda is bad for you are not, I don't like to use artificial stuff myself, how about using honey as a sweetner?

Well, it's not good for you. :P

Personally, I'm pretty anti-Splenda, if you're going to have sugar just have it, but have far less of it.  

Here's some info you might find useful. :) 


I've asked this question here before, too! basically, half the population says yes, half the population says no. Some people have bad reactions, some lose weight, some don't. I guess my advice would be to watch your body and how it responds, and if it works for you, continue using it. If it gives you an advserse reaction, discontinue!

I use it, but my mom is very allergic. Everyone is different!
Thanks for the link, rach1!  I checked out the article and it doesn't explicitly say Splenda is bad for you ~ actually it says it's probably the best artificial sweetener for you if you had to choose between them all.  BUT, Splenda is relatively new, so who knows if scientists will find something wrong with it in the future.  I like how the article says "everything in moderation" ~ I agree that too much artificial sweetener (like too much sugar) can't be good for you.  I don't think I overload on Splenda, but when it comes to tea, coffee & plain oatmeal (staples in my diet), I just have to sweeten them up!  I'll try the honey idea posed by soulthirsty (in moderation, of course!) the next time I make oatmeal ~ sounds yummy!

 This is why I largely stopped eating artificial sweeteners.  They may not be bad for you, but if they affect your body's fullness signals that would be a bad thing.  Of course this study is not completely conclusive regarding what happens with humans, but I figured I was better off just eating the real thing but decreasing my sugar intake.  For example, I drink my coffee black and switched to honey in my oatmeal, and then decrease the amount of it I used over time.  You can train your body to lower its sugar expectations.

You'll have to weigh the data and decide what's best/easiest for you. Good luck! :)

I think I'm going to try the honey concept ~ I'll get a little squeeze jar and bring it to work.  I know I'm going to have trouble with using real sugar instead of the substitute, especially with coffee.  Where 1-2 packets of Splenda perfectly sweetens my coffee, I'd need 2+ tablespoons of real sugar to get the same effect.  But I'm just making excuses ~ I really want to believe Splenda is not bad for me!  :)  I'm in denial, I guess.

Before you go squeezing on the honey, you may want to consider the fact it has between 50 and 75 calories per tablespoon. I'm sure you would have checked, but I figured I'd save you the time Smile
Splenda is actually real sugar.  It is the safest weetner there is, safer than sugar as far as health risks.  Don't freak out, eat your oatmeal, (healthy) and use spelnda.  I use packets and packets and my Doc says, you are a wise woman!

I heard the same with it being bad, but seem to me you don't abuse it with only having 4 packets a day.

Also i guess it depends on your body. Cause I can not eat anything with Splenda, it cause my stomach to bloat. Really bad!!!!! So I pass on Splenda or Sugar Free stuff. Cause it doesn't work for me.

You may want to try Sorbitol - It's a natural sweetener and only has 15 calories to a teaspoon.  It's not very sweat so if you are looking for a real sweat taste then this will not be right for you. 

One level teaspoon of REAL sugar only has 15 calories and it's quite enough to take the edge off the oatmeal and make it taste sweet... you don't need it to be super-sweet to make it taste good, especially if you put fruit with it.

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