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two days this week i had a spinach salad and i got really bad gas i'm pretty sure it was the spinach. does this happen to most people? is there something i can put on the salad to avoid gas? or should i avoid spinch (but i love it!)? or is cooking spinach in recipes a more digestible way to eat spinach? any ideas?

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Cooked vegetables are typically better digested than raw. Perhaps you should try cooking your spinach and see what happens! 

Giabash is right. I love spinach and spinach salads. I have an obscene amount of raw spinach when I make my salads, but I figured out a trick. I take all the spinach I want (dining hall), and then microwave it. Doing that gives me extremely little to no gas at all. However, if I ate like 1/10 of the amount of spinach I normally eat RAW instead of cooked...there's trouble.

.........and cabbage, and brussels sprouts, and broccoli, and.........Surprised  (Beano really does work).

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digestive enzymes do the trick.  you can buy them in pill form at any grocery or health food store.  they also help digest milk if you're lactose intolerant.

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