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Special K a day, bad or good?

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Hey everyone!

I'm a simple person, so I like my meals to be less complicated and more simple. I'm a horrible cook, so I like somthing that requires no skill, and is healthy for you! So I decided on Kellogs:Special K cereal. I've kind of been getting "addicted" to it. It's about the only thing I eat a day. Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner consists of Special K w/ Low-fat milk and either a fruit or two peices of wheat bread. Is this healthy for me? Is it bad to eat this over and over? I'm trying to loose weight, so will it be effective? Is Special K really what they say it is?

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this might be the pot calling the kettle black (i too eat the same thing over and over) but no, it is not healthy. it provides some nutrients but will leave you low on things like protein, and plus, there is not enough fiber. try incorperating all food groups into your meals
Ugh, I know your right

However, it's so hard for me to actullay KEEP up with a scheduled meal that envolves ALL of the food groups. I've tried that before, but eventually broke out of that. Special K just makes my life easier for me. :)
Like hockeygirl said, no, that's not healthy.  You're really missing out on a lot of important nutrients by eating this way.  Plus, Special K bars, even though they claim to be healthy, are a processed food with lots of unnatural ingredients.  However, I do think that eventually, you'll get sick of it, and you'll naturally progress to other things.  Plus, I would imagine that buying that many Special K bars would get expensive after awhile, too.
I know it's unhealthy, but does it make you loose some weight by eating this every day? :/
No, it doesn't make you lose weight.  My mom, bless her for trying, thought the Special K diet plan would kill off some unwanted weight and she's pretty up there.  Not eating for two days can make her drop five pounds and she's barely affected.

So she took a paycheck, bought twenty something boxes of Special K, and ate it morning, noon, and night.  Along with a "sensible meal".

She gained twenty something pounds.  And got quite a bitching from her diabetes doctor.

Humour yourself.  Save the cereal for breakfast, avoid the bars unless they're once-in-a-while treats.  You'll feel better in the long run.

P.S.  I eat Special K for breakfast, or I'll eat oatmeal.  The Special K is so delicious, but some times I've got just to pry myself away and eat oatmeal or else I'll want the cereal for every meal, much like you.
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Last year I went on the "Special K diet" for about 2 weeks, and I lost 4 pounds.  I have yet to gain it back, and it fit really well with my lifestyle.  However, I'm sure if I had stayed on the diet my weight would have plateaued eventually, and after 2 weeks I was already getting sick of it.  So I could see eating the cereal for breakfast, but I wouldn't go back to eating it for lunch as well.   

I still eat the Special K bars for a snack if I'm hungry at night or something.  They only have 90 calories and are delicious, which (I believe) makes them an excellent alternative to other snack foods, especially if it's just an occasional thing.

The Special K diet is really only meant to be used for two weeks. There's nothing special about the cereal, you could use almost any healthy cereal in place of Special K. All that diet does is restrict your calories.

If your body is getting everything you need, I wouldn't worry about it. If you're low on things you could do a few things:
a) take a vitamin for everything you're low on.
b) switch up cereals so
...1. Your tastebuds don't get bored.
...2. You're getting more of some things from one cereal than you are another.
c) start listening to the diet plan and eating a dinner and not their cereal.

I take a multi-vitamin everyday, just in case, and it doesn't hurt to do that. I switch up my cereal all the time usually eating 1/2 a cup of one kind and 1/2 a cup of another with 1/4 a cup of my soymilk. =D

You really should eat something other than Special K, I understand you don't like cooking and can't cook complicated things (I can only bake) but make yourself a tuna sandwhich w/o mayo, almond butter (just a little healthier than peanut) and reduced sugar jelly. Use whole wheat bread, if you're worried about calories there are low calorie breads out there, like Franz brand, 40 calories a slice.

I hope I helped a little, overall, Special K isn't bad for you but you should probably eat more than just that.

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner consists of Special K w/ Low-fat milk and either a fruit or two peices of wheat bread. Is this healthy for me? Is it bad to eat this over and over? I'm trying to loose weight, so will it be effective? Is Special K really what they say it is?

As a general dietary principle it's bad to put all your eggs in one basket. There have been at least two cases of scurvy in students reported by relatively reputable sources and a couple of cases in medical journals of infantile rickets. Both of these come from eschewing a specific food group (Fruits and Dairy respectively). Neither of these apply to you but they do drive home the point that skimping on food variety can be unhealthy.

However, short term there's nothing wrong with taking a supplement.

Aside: This is why I wish CC's tools would give RDI data. Warning users that they are deficient in Vitamin D, etc...

well those kind of diets are not good for you..... too many bad carbs, sugar and not enough protein and other nutrients, so maybe for breakfast, or snack, I will recomend you to have it.... try to eat more vegetable and fruit, nuts, dairys, and a lot of water
A year or two ago I actually tried the Special K diet, but I felt really deprived. I just didn't feel like the cereal was very filling because on most days a couple hours after I ate I was hungry again. I would much rather eat something more filling than just Special K for two of my "meals" during a day. Also, eating Special K everyday got really boring after awhile and my cravings for other foods increased dramatically. I really don't suggest it personally.
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