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Sparkling water

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I know we have to drink 8-10 glasses of water per day. Does sparkling water that has no flavoring or calories or sodium count?
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I googled your question and found this.  Also, I've heard that it's good to make sure some of your daily water intake does come from pure water.  I try to split my seltzer and water intake 50/50.

I know I'm supposed to drink at least eight glasses of water a day but don't like just plain water. Do other fluids like juice and fruit punch count toward my water needs?

You're in luck. Water isn't the only fluid that will meet your hydration needs. Any non-alcoholic fluid will also count toward your daily needs, such as fruit juice, herbal tea, sports drinks, soft drinks, milk, lemonade, smoothies, and even watery foods like soup, oranges, watermelon, lettuce, and cucumbers! Decaffeinated beverages are a better choice than caffeinated tea, coffee, and soda because caffeine has a diuretic effect and causes you to excrete fluids. Make your water less boring by trying sparkling seltzer water (club soda) or by adding lemon, lime or orange slices for a little flavor. Remember, eight glasses a day is the minimum you should be getting a day. If you are active, you need closer to 10-12 glasses a day, plus extra during and after your workout! This is especially important in a dry climate like Colorado's.
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I go through through sparkling water like it's going out of style.  It's just at good for you as regular water...but it's fun to drink...well at least i think so.  Especially if you are a nondrinker such as myself.  I drink the stuff in a wine glass when I want to feel "classy"
chobe, i do the same thing! sometimes though, i have red grape juice in a glass (red wine anyone?) or apple juice in a pint glass (mm, just like beer, no?) and best of all, me and my friend andy realised we used to drink WAY too much milk, so we used to have it in shot glasses... WAY better than vodka, yuk.

heheh, in reply to the main post - sparkling water is just as good for you as normal water... it's just carbonated to make it sparkling, but it has no calories etc. and is fluid after all!!
oh, i also drink green tea in the mornings, or later if i feel like i need a hot drink... there's no milk, and it's proven that green tea AND water can actually help burn extra calories in the day.

Green Tea is also great for balancing out your sugar and toxins or some jargon like that, making it less likely for you to get diabetes. Apparently.

Anyway, I just feel good if I drink a cup of green tea in the morning anyway, like i'm spritiual and healthy like a hippy... haha.
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