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Spaghetti squash hard to cut

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I couldn't cut it. I had to have my roomie do it and she could hardly do it also but did manage to get it cut lengthwise after a bit of a struggle . Is there an easier way besides throwing down hard on cement?
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Not that I would recommend THIS approach, but dropping it onto a hard kitchen tile floor is another remarkably FAST way to open up a stubborn spaghetti squash.

(We use a machete and the work bench .... though my wonderful DH wants to try out his miter saw one of these days.)

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it is very very very hard to cut!  use a longer very sharp knife and watch your fingers!!

edit: miss read spaghetti squash! and replied for butternut!

You're so right - it's impossibly hard to cut.  So I don't.

You can leave the squash whole but you must prick it with a fork all over (I use a BBQ meat fork).  Then place it in a shallow pan with a little water in it and bake.  Once it's cooked, it's easy to slice open and remove the seeds and the squash.

I always go at it with a large, sharp butcher knife - if you hold the handle steady and pound the opposite end of the knife, eventually it breaks open. As previously posted, watch. your. fingers.

My mom nearly pulls her hair out watching. ;)
I had to laugh when I read this because on my way home from work today, I had to stop at my mom's to cut hers (she's 78) - this was about 15 minutes ago.  I usually just use a REALLY big knife  - poke the point in to start it and work my way around by poking the tip in enough until I can wedge the blade in.   I always cook mine in the microwave but if you cook it in the oven, you don't have to cut it until after it's baked - it'll be softer but be careful - it's hot & difficult to handle.   I guess you can choose - burn yourself or cut yourself. lol - JUST kidding - be careful and enjoy!
put it in the microwave for a bit, it'll soften it a little and make it easier to slice through. 
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Several options

1.)No need to cut to bake. Just give it a few good pokes with a knife so the steam can escape while baking.

2.) If you want it baked AND seasoned, bake half way, remove from oven, and then cut through. use a serrated knife, large. Then season and put back in oven.

3.) follow method  1, baking MOST of the way. Let cool completly, and it should cut pretty easy. When its TOTALLY cool, you can cube it up or cut into strips etc and fry it or what ever else you feel like. Oh, this last one I was thinking of butternut and other winter squash, obviously with spag sqaush your not considering cubing...enjoy.


I use a big ol steady knife, and a hammer. put the squash on the table/counter, stand back, hold knife about a foot (or two) above squash and bring it down with a good amount of force so that it gets imbedded a mm or so. Then simply whack the top of far end (pointy part) of the blade a couple times, then alternate hitting handle side and far side until you've gotten all the way through. Me and my mom both love squash, and each of our kitchens are equipped with a squash hammer :)
Use a butcher knife - lodge it into the skin of the squash then hammer it with a hammer it will split the squash, I boil it then cut it up and peal it.
I keep hearing about spaggetti squash. Can you make this in the micro and how? What type do I buy?
you buy a spagehtti  squash, it will say it right on the label. they are yellow and oval shaped. you'll find them with all the other squash in the super market. to make it in the microwave, you half it, scoop out the seeds, and the zap it for 10-12 minutes. then you scrap out the insides, which are stringy in appearrance and very mildly flavored. then you can top it with whatever you want! it's awesome, just don't expect it to taste like actual spaghetti!
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