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Soy sauce

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I've been using it a lot lately-frying with it instead of oil, putting it on salad/ meat etc. I'm not sure if it's that good. Doesnt it contain a lot of salt?
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It contains a ridiculous amount of salt, unfortunately.  They do make reduced-sodium soy sauce but it is still VERY high in sodium.  I don't use soy sauce for that reason.  Most people do, though.  It's not bad for you, really; I just don't like the way it makes me retain water.
So does that make it better or worse than salt itself?

Yes, it does contain a lot of salt.  Just one tablespoon of it has 914 mg, and a maximum of 2,300 mg is recommended daily! identifier=340

Information about sodium is at the bottom of the page.

It's probably better than salt, because it's not PURE sodium like salt is.
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It contains a lot of salt, but unless you're using half the bottle at once, I really wouldn't worry about it.

I use soy sauce and lemon juice on my salads, and I use it to add flavour to food w/o adding salt, soy sauce is high in salt, but it is also high in antioxidants, 1 serving has more than a cup of wine I heard [don't quote me on this, but i am pretty sure]


Soy sauce is yum, and if it makes your healthy food more tasty, go with it, just balance it out by drinking more water during the day!

Good Luck 

Yea its really high in sodium, even the low sodium versions :P but I've always heard to conteract high sodium intake for a day, take in equal amounts of potassium.  Cant remember where I read that though.

"Guidelines suggest most adults should have 4,700 mg, but surveys show Americans consume 1,000??2,000 mg less than that. Potassium-rich foods include fruits and vegetables like bananas, mushrooms, spinach, and almonds. Potassium helps offset high sodium intake by triggering more sodium excretion by the kidneys. Reducing your sodium intake while increasing"

So have some reduced sodium soy sauce, then eat a bananna :)
dont know about you all but i was happy to find this out from like 4 diffrent people, 3 doctors and 1 triathalite.sp?. I was not getting enough salt.  I never really watched it but used salt when i wanted it,  but i was not getting it enough so i dont always follow the guidelines.  I found this out because at night i would get awful leg cramps when i slept,  so painful,  
soy sauce. LOVE IT! But it does make you retain water so bad!!! If you're going to eat it drink lots and lots. For me anything salty does it cause I never really eat anything with a lot of salt. Like one time I had pepperoni pizza with chips for dinner two night in a row. ONly one slice each night and the rest of the days were normal. From Sunday morning to Monday morning I was 3 pounds heavier! In two days I was back down. Horrible isn't it? Life just isn't the same once you start this. :(
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