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Ok, so processed foods are in general bad.

So why is soy milk supposedly good for you? I mean how much processing does it take to get milk from a bean and then make it palatable enough to drink?

Personally I tried it and couldn't swallow it, it was so bad.
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i love soy milk but not any kind... i buy good hope (south african brand).

you can get the flavored kind if the regular is too 'beany' for u :)
Thanks for the recommendation, but I think I will stick with my raw skim cows milk. From the cow of my choice when I am home ;)

I really am not interested in buying any anymore after that first taste, I just want to know why anyone would drink it if they are not lactose intolerant. :)
personally, i don't have a problem with the taste of GH soy milk, but i do with some other brands. I prefer it because it's lower in calories (again, the brand i'm using) than skimmed milk and lower in carbs.
I hate the stuff too dziewcyna.  It's not really as processed as you think it is, here's a quick rundown on how to make it.

I think its draw has more to do with the non dairy source than any ridiculously healthiness intrinsic to the milk itself.  Soybeans are a generally healthier food than cow milk, is all.

Soy milk is also fortified with vitamin B12, which is an essential vitamin that (vegans particularly) have a hard time getting in their diet.  Personally I hate it so much that I end up eating luna bars instead to get that B12.  The vitamin fortification, and the fact that you can substitute it for cow milk in recipes and for eating dry cereal, is why it is so popular among veg*ns IMO.
I started drinking it a while ago and I like it better than cow's milk now!
I drink it because I hate the taste of cow's milk.  Go figure.  Not the vanilla stuff though, just the plain kind.
Soy contains isoflavones, which are strong antioxidants.

It's good for you.
A tiny bit off topic, this is just a quick fact.

People in Asia (mainly around China and Taiwan) drink soymilk with breakfast.  They have been for ages.  A lot of them are lactose-intolerant and the soymilk there is actually just juice from ground up soy beans with water and sugar added.  No added nutrient.  :)

I don't really remember why we start drinking soymilk here.  Mainly, I drink it to lower my cholesterol.
I developed mild lactose intolerance when I was 18, so I drink it sometimes if I don't want to overdo my dairy consumption. Usually if I stick to the non-fat milk, I don't have any problems. Works out well, as I don't like the taste of fatty milk. :)

It's a good source of protein, antioxidents and B12, like someone had said, so there are good reasons for drinking. No cholesterol either.
I only buy Silk Light soy milk and I love it... I buy it in place of regular milk all the time.  My daughter doesn't like it so much, so I still get skim milk for her.
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Why is it called milk if it is a bean?
drtuddle, the "milk" is squeezed or pressed out of the bean.
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Soy Milk: Good or Bad?  You Decide

Here's an article to make you think.  My boyfriend brought this up to me when we first started going out.  Just do  google search on the health benefits of soymilk (I searched soy milk, health).  Yes you'll find a lot of "good" information about it, thanks to advertising for soy companies, but there are numerous resources pointing out the negative affects of those popular beans.  Personally, we (being myself and my boyfriend) try to stay away from Soy products.  Its hard considering most of the items in the "health" section have it, but there are a few really good products that are soy free and just as healthy.  As far as milk goes, I suggest drinking rice or almond milk.  Almond milke has a better texture than it's rice coutnerpart, but Rice Milk is usually cheaper.  Either way, my family drinks those religiously and I cant imagine ever going back to real milk.

*Just as a side note, I coule never stomach soy milk, even before I found out it was potentially hazardous to my health.
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I have been trying to find more information about milk alternatives for by daughter that is almost 2.  She has an allergy to the milk protein and I have switched her to the Silk Soy Enhanced.  I have been real concerned about the amount of estrogen in soy and looked into rice milk.  The rice milk carton has a warning that it is not recommended for children under 5.   I must have overlooked the almond milk because have not seen it.   I have voiced my concerns about the estrogen to the pediatrician and her response is that she has not seen anything that would suggest that it is harmful to give to toddlers.  She said there are a lot of added hormones in cow's milk and the estrogen in soy is natural.  My daughter is definitely thriving and she shows no sign of any physical or mental development problems but I am still worried about long term effects.  She has only been drinking for two months but her excema and her constant runny nose has cleared up.
I'm not a huge fan of soy milk, but have you checked out Almond Breeze almond milk? It's freaking AWESOME.
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I have seen some signs on rice milk concerning younger children, but I only see them on specialized beverages such as Horcheta.

Here is a page I found that compares the 3 choices.  Click Here

Here is a site that is strong on the side of almond milk.

never2l8: here's a link explaining dairy alternatives for children.

As for my rice milk, I buy "Naturally Prefered Enriched Rice low fat non-dairy beverage: Vanilla"
"Made with brown rice"
"Lactose and cholesterol free"
"Enriched with Calcium and Vitamins A&D"
Ingredients: Filtered water, brown rice, expeller pressed canola oil, natural vanilla flavor with other natural flavors, tricalcium phosphate, l acidophilus and bifidobacterium cultured product added, guar gum, xantham gum, carob bean gum, carrageenan, sea, salt, vitama a plmitate, vitamin d2
Calories: 120 Calories from fat 20
total fat 2g - saturated fat 0g - trans fat 0g
cholesterol 0mg
sodium 70mg
total carbohydrate 24 g
dietary fiber 0g
sugars 18 g
protein 2g
vitamin a 10%
calcium 20%
vitamin d 30%
vitamin c 0%
iron 2%

God, am I this bored????  Ha!  :P

That's some crazy stuff. I personally like the taste of vanilla soy milk, but maybe I'll check if my grocery store sells almond milk, too.
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Makes people think it's going to taste like cow milk and thats why people don't like it.
Well, the cows on those cute commercials drink soy milk ^_^ !  Isn't that enough?  Anyway, I like the taste of soy milk, especially the light chocolate kind.  I like 8th Continent best, but Silk is pretty good, too.  I really only tried soy milk to begin with 'cause one of my housies said it was like weird hippy stuff or something, and I wanted to see what was weird about it.
The first time i tried soymilk i was disgusted because i was expecting it to taste like actual milk.. the name really is misleading.  i think soy fluid would be more fitting : )  i still can't drink the regular kind, or have it in cereal.  I do like the silk chocolate soy milk!
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