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Does anyone know anything about soy? Is it still good for you? I am hearing conflicting information, I am most concerned because I was told it could have adverse effects on the Thyroid. I have hypothyroidism and I love edamame. Any info would be appreciated.
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Soy is only consumable if it's fermented, cause it naturally contains toxins and antinutrients.  Soy has caused more bad than good. They say that asians are healthy because of soy, and are at low risks of gettting cancer and other diseases. Truth is that asian are at risk to many other types of cancer because of soy. I'd stay clear of it. Not to mention all the horrible things it has done to a whole generation of babies due to soy based formulas.
if you definitely know that you have a hypothyroid condition, then I would suggest that you avoid all soy products...

I'm just a concerned person like you though, not a doctor.  Have you asked your doctor?
Thanks guys! I'm seeing my Dr. this afternoon, I'll ask him about it or call my endocronologist : ) there are just so many conflicting reports out there that I am confused.

Dang! I love edamame!
I love my Soy Crisps by Glenny. 
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I think that raw soy isn't bad. If it was truly bad when raw that would have been discovered years ago. Doctors are always deciding something is bad for you or good for, just wait, next year it'll be carrots.
Soy is a wonderful food... soy supplements are the problem.  Edamame is one of my favorites, as is tofu and miso ... balance is key in anything we eat.  Although I don't know about how it would affect someone with hypothroidism, I think a reasonable portion of edamame would be okay.  
I have a Hypothyroid problem and take medicine every morning. The conflict also come in  because the soy counter-acts the hormone in the medicine. I tested this for myself because I like some soy products but found out that I don't lose any weight when ever I eat soy products. Be careful because some WHEY products also contain soy in them as well as some supplements and vitamins. I have learned the hard way...I read every label and FINE PRINT!! Good luck to you!
Thank you so much, I think I'll do a little experiment on my own, thanks again for the suggestion and info!
i was eating a lot of soy--- and then had my thyroid tested-- well into the hypo range.  hair falling out, skin flaky and dry, toenails basically just powdering off..... i stopped eating soy for 2 months and retested... just on the other side of normal.

anecdotal for sure.  my dr said that the medical community hasnt accepted that soy adversly affects the thyroid in sensitive people.  but for me... i think the difference was obvious.
FWIW from Mayo Clinic
yep. im on armour pig thyroid too. i avoid soy.
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I found this article. Basicly it says don't overdue it, which is what you should do with any food. ism/AN00454

However, soy does contain flavanoids, which are natural plant estrogens. I have small problems with female hormones, so I usually eat very little soy. Although this winter I'm hogging down that Silk Nog. :)
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