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Any Soy-free protein bars out there??????

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I'm looking for a few good soy free protein bars for when I'm on the go so that I don't miss a meal but most contain some form of soy that I can't have.  Anyone know of any that are relatively low carb and soy free? 

Also, I've seen "soy lecithin" listed as an ingredient, does this have the same impact as soy isolate would have?  Thanks
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Well, Low carb anything grain usually means that Instead of Wheat and other grains, you would replace it with Soy proteins and soy flours.... Therefore lowering the Carbohydrates....

But, if you get rid of the soy and bring the wheat back into it, you raise the carbs back up....

Kashi makes great bars, but I'm almost certain that they have soy in them... so does fiber one bars by general mills..


R u allergic to soy? or did you hear that soy was bad for you or something?

Are you in the mood for a project?  Track down an episode of Alton Brown's Good Eats.  It's dedicated entirely to protein bars and he shows you a pretty yummy way to make your own.  I do it when I've got extra cash for the ingredients. :D
many soy products also give me bad reactions. like itchy mouth and throat. some do, some don't, it's weird. i wonder if i've developed a tolerance to it. once upon a time i couldn't eat edamame at all, i had some last week and i tore through the bowl, no problem.
GMO- soy tends to give me problems too, ive found with organic soy bars, i dont get gas or bloating either.

i also tend to steer clear of soy unless its in low fat flour or organically sprouted, GMo free.
try lara bars. they're so yummy. they're not nescessarily a protein bar but they are really filling and are all natural. i think most of them only have 5 or 6 ingredients. they have them at most health food stores.
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I tend to stear clear of soy because of the phytoestrogens in them.  They create chaos with my hormones.  Plus, if you google "soy" you'll find that they are not particularly good for you either.  I lift weights and need the protein support but so far it's been really hard to find protein meal replacement bars that are soy free that don't cost me an arm and a leg!!  Thanks for the help guys.

Since I came across the forum while looking for soy-free options, and I appreciate all of the help from the calore count forums, I thought I would post a link to this article which lists some good soy-free bar options: s_food.html

The good news is, the "organic food bar" which is listed first is available at some kroger brand gorcery stores, as well as Trader Joe's, the others may be as well, I"m excited to try them all out as a soy-bar alternatives.

you can go to a gnc and ask the rep to point you in the direction of where is the protein bars/shakes that are not soy based and they do have them that aren't high in the carbs and cals because ive done just that and asked, it is i just can not remember the names. However they are a bit pricey. I steer clear of soy myself because it is not good for you. But almost everything has traces of soy in it now a days, I would just steer clear from the soy based ones.

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