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Sour Taste in Mouth After Eating Sugar

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This is something I have noticed in the last couple of years.  I don;t eat a lot of refined sugar, but I do like to bake.  I don;t eat much candy, but the occasional dark chocolate nad never drink sodas.  I use stevia whenever possible.  I just don't bake with it. 

I have noticed that, about 15 minutes after eating something with sugar in it, I get this sour taste in my mouth.  It does't hapopen at any other time, not even in the mornings.  I wonder if anyone else has noticed this?  Any idea what it may be? 

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happens to me too.

Different foods need to digest in different parts of the digestive tract; sugar can be broken down almost entirely in the mouth, mostly because there's not much to break down!

Any left over sugar in your mouth gets broken down, AND the leftover broken down sugar is a great breeding ground for bad bacteria, which use the opportunity to overtake your mouth.

More evidence that refined sugar is not the best thing for your body!

Thanks.  Yea, I know its bad for my body.  I don't use it often.  And fruit doesn't have this effect on me.  I have studied nutrition for many years and know all about candidiasis.  I have had my battles with it personally.  I just noticed this happening in recent years.  But what you are saying makes sense.  If I brush my teeth the taste goes away from my mouth but its still in my throat.  It goes all the way down.  Its kinda nasty. 

I love stevia!  It actually helps the panreas to regulate glucose. Its good for digestion after a meal.  I have it in my coffee in the morning.  Its too bad it doesn't have the same crystalline form as sugar does.  Baking with it is just not such a great idea.  Though, baking is not so healthy eather.  Nutritionally speaking, wheat flour is no different than refined sugar anyway, unless there is a little fiber in it.  But still, its gonna get metabolized into glucose quickly. 

I guess its just more impetus for me to refrain from eating sugar. 

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I get the same thing, but with anything sweet, even fruit.

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