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Does this sound about right? Logging restaurant foods

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I'm going to TGI Fridays tonight. Whenever I go I always have the same thing - Wicked Chicken. It's 2 grilled cajun spiced chicken breasts served with 2 mini corn of the cob, spiced rice, a small side of cajun sauce & pico de gallo. I always swap the rice for seasoned vegetables and add a side of jalapenos. I've estimated 225g for the veg you get as you don't get a lot.

I don't know if this dish is available in the U.S as I can't find it on any website for the nutritional info and there is no nutritional info on the TGI Fridays UK menu so I've estimated it and was wondering if someone thinks its looks about right?

170g Chicken Breast

150g corn on the cob

10g butter (for on the corn, I'm pretty sure they butter it)

20g pico de gallo

20g cajun sauce

75g string beans

75g broccoli

75g red pepper

20g jalapenos

This comes out at 620cals, does that look about right?

Here is a link to the menu iles/storemenus/pdfs/FoodMenu_TestC%200112.pd f. The dish is on page 4

Thank you!

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Amazing, thank you so much! I googled it but nothing came up

I'm super impressed with your guesstimating skills, you were only 35 calories off!

Haha thanks dinah! I had to be good at something!x
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