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sorbet vs ice cream

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So, I just assumed that sorbet would be better than a fat free sugar free ice cream...but it turns out sorbet has more calories?????  I'm so sad - I love sorbet.  Does anyone know of any alternatives?  
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Amazing alternative for you and EASY.  This will sound like ice cream but its definitely like sorbet (probabably because 3 to 1 fruit content).

Blender 3 c. strawberries and 1 c. buttermilk.  Disolve 1 c. splenda in 1 c. water.  Add to blender, mix and freeze in four good size portions.  Take one out to the fridge til it can be broken up and eaten.  120 calories and SO worth it.

I heard good things and am so happy I tried it.  I was drawn in by the easy prep. 

what about giving italian ice a try. it's frozen, its not creamy but its way less calories.

I love Italian ice ^_^ !  We have some in the freezer right now, but I'll resist eating it 'cause I've already had more than enough to eat today.

I use nonfat yogurt as my ice-cream substitute a lot of times. . . mostly just refrigerated cups, but frozen yogurt is tasty, too.

If you put a cup of refrigerated yogurt in the freezer, will it kill the beneficial "live and active cultures"?

I had Haagen Dazs Peach Sorbet over the weekend and it rocked. So it was 130 calories for 1/2 cup, but no fat. And so good, a 1/2 cup was more than enough, so cool, so yummy.

I don't really eat ice cream lately, but out of curiosity I looked and it was like 145 calories for 1/2 cup of vanilla.

I guess the fat free, sugar free ice cream is lower in calories, but I prefer the real sugar, the real peach puree, so I'll take the sorbet :) and be satisfied.
figure, I had Haagen Dazs orchid peach sorbet this weekend too! I had it for my birthday!  It was good. 

Ice cream was always the killer for my husband and I ... the deadly sin for both of us.  When he was diagnosed with diabetes, we had to start looking at alternatives, not as much for him from a calorie standpoint, but for carbs, especially refined sugar.  But the sorbets, though good on fats, were still bad on carbs from high sugar content.  So that was out for us. :(

Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla was his favorite, and Blue Bell makes a Light Ice Cream AND a No Sugar Added Ice Cream.  Regular= 180 cals per 1/2 c.; Light was down to 140, but the No Sugar Added was only 90!  HALF the cals (and fat and carbs) of the regular.  It's not exactly the same as the original, but it is still really good, especially with a couple of fresh strawberries sliced up in it!

Oh, and on the freezing yogurt question ...

from the Stonyfield Farms website:

 Does freezing yogurt destroy or alter the effectiveness of the live cultures?
You can freeze a cup of yogurt. A cup of yogurt that has been frozen and thawed will have a different look and texture than fresh yogurt. The cultures become dormant when frozen, but once thawed either in the refrigerator or by your body heat when ingested; they will become live and active once again. There will be a few cultures that do die, but there are so many billions in our products, that it is truly insignificant.

BTW my recipe above comes out to I'd estimate 1.5+ cup servings for that 120 calories.  I guess what amazes me is the non diet taste of the splenda gives it.  Theres no way to know really. 

Hi .. !!  We're huge ice cream fans at our house so I definitely want to try your recipe -- sounds wonderful!  Sadly, a lot of commercial low-fat products really up the sugar, so that even a sorbet turns out to be high in calories. 

We recently resurrected an old family ice-cream maker from the 70's and used Splenda and condensed skim milk (not sweetened condensed --just skim with less water) to make this basic vanilla.  We've doctored it up with lots of fun stuff like mint and crumbled chocolate cookies, etc... but it's a good starter recipe at about 73 cal's for 1/2 cup, sounds about like yours!  Buttermilk's a great idea!!  It's not 'butter+milk' as one might think, just thick skim milk. 

Low-sugar, low-fat dairy + fruit ices like yours are actually healthy, so enjoy! ml

yum yum!



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