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How is sorbet healthier than ice cream?

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I never really got that, especially since fats are supposedly not a bad thing.  Since both have sugar (sorbet often having even more), how can people say that sorbet is healthier than ice cream?

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Sorbet is water-based and ice cream is milk/cream-based. So sorbets are "lighter" than ice creams.

Calorie-wise, they're similar but ice cream has more saturated fats (the bad kind).

Sorbet has a lot less fat then ice cream plus a lot of sorbets are made with fresh fruit...

I agree with you, white_sakura... I think that eating ice cream is better because it's more balanced. Eating sorbet feels like overloading my body with pure sugar. The fat in ice cream gives me a longer-lasting feeling of fullness and satisfaction.

Depends on how its made. There's healthy sorbets and some that are just as 'bad' as ice cream cuz of all the sugar in them.

I make my own version of a sorbet using fresh fruit and yogurt(no added sugar, I use a sweetener but if you're against use of those then natural fruit sugars will have to do) I puree them in the blender, freeze the puree(6 hours), thaw it a little, blend it again and serve or refreeze it. Its just as creamy as normal icecream only healthier.


^mmm that homemade sorbet sounds great. Im sure its way better than me eating my mudpie ice cream every time I have a craving. What are the measurements and what kind of fruit do you use?

Original Post by white_sakura:

how can people say that sorbet is healthier than ice cream?

Because people who are trying to sell you things will tell you anything they think will make you more likely to buy whatever they're selling.


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