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Soft Protein????

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Does anyone know of any easily digected foods hat are a good source of protein?

Basically, my digestive system doesn't really work, and I have bad reflux, so I always get undigested-food-reflux.

I can't really eat most meats (no chicken, beef, pork, etc.) I have a really hard time keeping down liquids as well. Any ideas. So far, PB is the only thing that really works.

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This sounds like a question for a doctor!

I can say that protein isolated from whole foods is used in the world of health care for people who can't get whole foods for whatever reason. From baby formula to hospital patients with limited digestive abilities. Different products are "pre-digested" in different ways that can help certain people.  You can also get digestive enzymes to help.  And probiotic supplements are being investigated these days because they seem to help many gastrointestinal problems. Same goes for omega 3 epa and dha supplementation, actually.

I suggest you ask your doctor about whey and casein and other protein powders to add to your foods and drinks.  Also about digestive enzyme and probiotic supplementation.

For right now though, cow and soy milk are both really good if you can stomach them.

My gastroenterologist doesn't have an opening until May :( Until then, I take my probiotic and omega 3 supplements and try to do the best I can.

I have a really hard time keeping down milk. I try to eat yogurt, cheese, and pudding (sugar free) for calcium. I'll try adding some powders to stuff though. Maybe some protien powder in my oatmeal?

Have you tried cottage cheese? It's very high in protein, and seems to settle well because of it's basic properties. It's really good mixed with berries, jam, or chives.

Also beans and other legumes are a great source of protein and fiber. Eating them in a soup may make it easier to digest, split pea, lentil, or even bean dips.. but it can cuase gas, so i'd be carefull with them.

Have you talked to your doctor about this problem? It sounds pretty serious, esspecially if you can't keep down liquids. This could lead to dehydration, malnutrition, and ulcers from the reflux.

Your doc should be able to prescribe you some kind of a mediction or recommend a digestive supplement to help keep you keep your food down. My brother used to puke almost 5 times a day (NOT BULIMIA) but he has a condition where the bottom of his stomach pops up and touches his lower esophageal sphincter, causing him to gag. We could be having a conversation and he would randomly start gagging. We made fun of him for it, but it really was a problem. Now, after lots of testing and getting medication, he gets that "gagging" feeling maybe 2-3X a week. A huge improvement.

My mother also had severe reflux, to the point where her lower esophageal sphincter became corroded and she had ulcers all arround it. It began bleeding into her stomach, and she almost had to have surgery. She healed it by eating only soft and liduid foods for almost 2 months, along with medication.

I hope your condition get better. Good luck.

I agree with the legumes comment. Boiled soybeans, or edamame, is really good! I'm eating it right now actually. They are very very high in proteins and omega-3s. They run around 1-2$ a pkg at the market and you can find them in the frozen foods section. I recommend buying the ones in the pods because they are funner to eat as a finger food or snack... almost like peanuts or pistacios. I like them with a bit of low sodium soy sauce and some garlic powder sprinkled on top. I'm not even usually a "veggie snacks" kind of person and I love them! So yeah definitely pick up a package. What have you got to lose?
You could try Nutribiotics Rice protein powder - it's really good, it's low in calories compared to other products I've seen and it's very very easily digested. 

55 calories for 12 grams of protein....I really recommend it.

I got some cottage cheese, legumes, and whey protein powder at the store. Hope it works well :)

Even if your gastrointestinist isn't available until a month from now, I would try to find a dietitian in your area.  It's completely possible that your doctor would just refer you to one, anyways.  Most hospitals have outpatient dietitians that you may be able to get an appointment with, and there are also private practice dietitians (although most of those are specialized in weight loss or eating disorders.)


It's soft and delicious cold and on its own, or cooked in miso soup or sprinkled on a salad.

I LOVES me some tofu!



Also, split pea soup might be a good one...

Greek yogurt!! Fage 0% fat free packs 25g of protein in a 120 cal. cup serving.

Also, eggbeaters/egg whites

I had a very similar problem.  The poster who suggested seeing a nutritionist is right on target.  I had to wait 6 months to see the doc who actually helped me, so in the meantime my nutritionist was my lifeline (literally).  I recommend the protein powder - I used whey - and yes, you can put it in oatmeal, juice, pudding, etc.  I also highly recommend high protein Ensure.  The taste is pretty decent if it's chilled.  Drinking through a straw is essential for me because for some reason it seems to taste better.  If you have any specific questions, I could let you know what worked for me, but I think the nutritionist is the best bet.

EGGS! it sounds like you might be slightly lactose intolerant, so maybe try eggs- they are one of the only foods human's can completely digest, are high in protein and verrry nutritious. if you're worried about cholesterol etc try egg whites. maybe 2 egg whites and 1 egg in a scramble/omelette? i just started eating them, and am already seeing the difference in my hunger/ protein intake. i used to get terrible acid reflux for no apparent reason, but since i started eating eggs and cutting back on spicy foods these problems have dissappeared. but definitely see a doctor in the meantime. hope you feel better soon =)

Can you eat beans?

haha tofu and eggs never crossed my mind!! but they are the softest proteins around!

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