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Soft Drink Alternatives?

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So, I lost a lot of weight about 4 years ago and have been very good about my diet and exercise. I feel healthier than I have in years. I gave up beer, wine, etc. Pretty much my only "vice" anymore is Diet Coke. I know it isn't the best for me and about a week ago that I REALLY drink a lot of the stuff. I pretty much always have one around at work. I counted one day and was blown away that I had NINE 20oz bottles the day before! I assume a typical day is more like 5-6 but still.

So, I decided this week to cut it down to 3 for a couple of weeks and then down to one a day. So far, it isn't too bad. I have the occassional headaches from lack of caffeine.

My question is what would be a good substitute. Water, diet vitamin waters, etc are ok, but I think I miss the carbination. Anyone gone through this and have tip to share?


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Why not have sparkling water?

Yep, sparking water or club soda with a squeeze of lemon or lime (with or without sweetener) is just as good! You could even go with half fruit juice, half fizzy water.

Green tea.  It's very healthy for you and is an appetite supressant.  No carbination though :(

Seltzer (sparkling water) Seltzer Seltzer!!!!! If you don't like it plain, even the flavored kind, just do half seltzer half any kind of juice or tea. Works great AND gives you a good amount of your daily water intake!

Thanks guys...I have been drinking "Sparkling Ice" which is a flavored sparkling water and so far so good. I didn't "quit" the diet coke, but I did cut back about 75%. First couple of days I was getting nasty headaches from the lack of caffiene, but today has been great so far!

No real problems with diet Coke (or Pepsi, or...), but 100-200 oz/day is a bit much.  Cut down on the DC and get your caffeine fix from coffee or tea.  Supposedly, 4 cups of coffee/day spread out over 12 hours has great health benefits. 

6 ounces of Carbonated water with an ounce of pomegranate juice (or any other juice you may like).

add a green tea bag to a bottle of sparkling water. Wait a couple of hours before you drink it.  I use regular water since i don't mind not having carbination and i buy orange flavored green tea.  i normally add a packet of splenda to mine also to add a little sweetness.

I too lived on Diet pepsi. I have given it up (mostly- maybe one every couple of mos). I drink alot more water, and vitamin water zero worked for me, I was still looking for something to drink with 0 calories that was kinda sweet. I drink tea or coffee once in a while for the caffine.

hope this helps. I never thought I would be able to give up diet pepsi and I did! :)


At times I live on Diet Coke, too. I am cutting back, made it one week with only one Diet Coke -- started to drink more water with lemon or lime. The first few days were BAD. I have been told that it takes 21 days to build new taste buds. If you can make it without drinking DC for 21 days you won't have a craving.

I am the same way! I used to have about 5 to 10 bottles of Diet Pepsi a day just to get me through (I was up from 6am to midnight daily). Regular coffee makes me jittery, but diet soda never seemed to bother and I do actually like the taste. A friend challenged me to one a day and having him hold me accountable has been helpful. They say if you can go 3 days without something, you can break the habit, or at least the desire for it is significantly decreased. Another option: Blue Sky Cola (available at Whole Foods). It has no artificial sweeteners and no phosphoric acid. And the taste is pretty dang good. They make a diet version and a regular version.

you could try Sobe zero calorie drinks. they come in all favors, and they are yummy! Vitamin Water now has a zero calorie drink, many flavors too. they also have a decent amount of vitamins and minerals in each bottle! oh, you can also try Fuze drinks! but only buy the "slenderize" kind. it's like a 20 calorie 16oz bottle vs probably over 100 for the non-"slenderized" drinks. same kind of drink as the other two.

you could try a new flavor everyday for fun!

sorry I can't offer fizzy drink options. I get my caffeine fix from my beloved coffee. :)

Drink green tea!  There are so many varieties out there and it is so good for you.

I feel your pain.  I have been "Diet Coke" free now for 4 weeks.  I went through the initial headaches (withdrawls) for the first 4 days or so.  I just kept thinking about what my friend/trainer told me to think of "ROTTEN".  It's rots your insides, your bones and it makes you feel sluggish.  I can honestly tell you that after the first week I didn't even think about it unless I went out to eat, but just stuck with it.  Once I got past 3 weeks, I tried one when I went out to dinner...too sweet!  I drink water all day long and if I am craving the carbonation, I drink a sparkling grapefruit water which has 0 sugar and only 2 calories.  Since going off of "Diet Coke", I have had no more acid reflux which I was taking medication for.  I think what helped me was making a lifestyle change along with it.  I have cute out as much sugar and processed foods as possible and eat as clean as possible.  Good luck with your challenge.  Just remember, you will feel so much better with it out of your life!

One thing you need to remember is that by subsituting Diet Coke for another "diet" drink you aren't getting any benefit, might as well drink DC.  "Diet" drinks are loaded with fake sugars, much like DC.  I like the sparkling water idea with a touch of fruit juice (make it at home, save tons of money). 

I saw something on this brand called Hint, no sugar, no artificial sweetners.  Not sparkling, but lightly fruity.

Oh I totally agree on the club soda and lime wedges!! So refreshing! And if you are like me you crave the carbonation!

I also really like steeping a red fruity tea in a small amount of hot water just to get a strong flovor then adding in some club soda! Sugar free and tastey!! I really like starbucks' red hibiscus tea! (sorry I cannot for the life of me remember what it is called)

Don't forget the sodium content of a diet cola it's rediculous; sodium can retard weight loss.  I used to drink many a day also, now I drink 1 sprite zero per day after work and I will admit to sometimes having a diet cherry dr. pepper too.  I drink water all day, after 2 cups of decafinated black coffee.  I too love the carbination more than the coke itself but it now gives me heartburn and acid reflux so the more I don't drink it the better I feel.  You can do it, it won't be easy at first but if you're determined you'll make it.

You might try drinking a regular coke.  I often unashamedly enjoy a can of Dr. Pepper.  But I can never drink much more than 1 because all the sugar starts making me feel sick.  And because of that and because caffeine is a diuretic, I usually just want to drink water the rest of the day.

I know what you are going through... had the same problem myself. For years I had kept trying to kick the soda habit, but would fall back on them when I was tired after working hard, or when we ate out. Even though I have bone problems and started noticing more pain in my ankle joints after drinking them I still couldn't break the habit. It wasn't until my young son started asking for soda everyday that I realized I had handed down my bad habits to him, and that scared me. I knew I didn't want him going through the back and foot pain that I was. So I told my husband that we needed to stop buying soda for our mini fridge (we actually have a little refrigerator just for soda!!!) because I knew the only way for me to stop was to NOT have the temptation. My husband is more of a health nut than I am so he was perfectly fine with that. Although it took a while for me to break the habit of going out to the mini fridge to look for a soda that wasn't there, it took even longer to break the cravings. I had horrible headaches at work and since I don't drink coffee I decided to try black tea. I'm not a real big tea drinker but the black tea helped ease the headaches. I drank less and less of it each day and now I feel sooooo much better. I no longer want soda. No more headaches. My back and my ankles are feeling so much better. My favorite thing to drink is plain old ice water. Forces my metabolism to work harder, too. But the added benefit, I am saving so much money not buying soda anymore.

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