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Smallest calories for the most chocolate?

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I am an absolute chocoholic, as I am sure many of you are, but I can't just eat one twix mini and stop.... it's just too good and too small! So I was wondering if anyone knows any chocolates that is both good(or at least decent, I'm not too picky) tasting, low in calories, but also not super tiny! I don't like dark or white chocolate though :p

Thanks tons! 

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i'm not 100% sure on this one, but i know they make sugar-free or "diabetic" chocolate, and i'd image that would be less in calories.

just the other day i saw sugar-free reeses peanut butter cups in the store, 5 minis for only 170 calories. i would have bought them, but i knew the bag wouldn't last longer than an hour. :S

I like dark chocolate myself! I don't know if you are aware of this little trick already but its a good way to cut some calories. For any baking mix, substitute unsweetened applesauce in exact amounts of what the recipe calls for vegetable oil and egg whites whenever the recipe calls for whole eggs. It makes the baked goods more moist and, I think, much better AND you can't really taste a difference!

Hope this helps!

One more careful with the sugar-free chocolate. It contains and ingredient, sorbitol, that (to put it nicely) can cause stomach cramps and unpleasant restroom experiences. Surprised
I think sugar free pudding cups satisfy the chocolate craving, and they count as half a serving of milk.  Also, real cocoa powder is great for adding chocolate flavor to things like pancakes and other batters. 

totally know the feeling. Undecided i am or was a major chocoholic!!! i just can't get enough. i'll say that my cravings have subsided since i've cut out as much sugar as i possibly can. i love dark chocolate best. it is much more potent and doesn't have extra sugars and milk. i can eat one square of 60% dark cocoa chocolate and it's only 50 calories.

or if you absolutely hate dark, i found these hershey's 100 cal snacks. it's a little baggie, with lots of little pieces of "chocolatey" things. it helps and it's more than one bite! :)

just know you are not the only addict out there.... Wink

OMG!   I just ate the sexiest 2" piece of Ghiradelli brownie.  It was SO GOOD and I'm totally satisfied.  Don't need to go back for more.  I made it for my husband and the last time I didn't even touch them.  This time the smell of them baking got to me.   190 cals. but I was tracking really low today so I still have around 500 cals for this evening even after eating it.  I haven't had something like that since September when I started.  So my point is not to torture you, but to remind you that if you make good food choices and keep your calories low that once in awhile you can enjoy something like a brownie.  I'm not a binger though, so for some people that might be too hard.  There's certain foods I couldn't walk away from.  Innocent
Nov 28 2007 18:22
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I'm a hot cocoa fiend and you can usually find packets of sugar free hot cocoa that are 40-50 cals.  Also, one of my new obsessions is CocoaVia Chocolate Covered Almonds.  Each packet is 140 cals and is made with dark chocolate that's been processed to save as many of the antioxidants as possible.  They can be hard to find, but they're very satisfying.  I get my fix with sugar cereals, too.  I really like Count Chocula and Cocoa Pebbles.  They're not great for you, but they have fewer calories than a Hershey bar!  Remember- chocolate milk is great for protein and calcium, too!  Oh, and sometimes I have a chocolate protein bar for breakfast- if you find the right variety, they're pretty tasty.  When I'm not having it for breakfast, I'll take my favorite kind and cut it up into 6-10 pieces and then snack on it all day when I need a little chocolate fix. 

Here are mine:

Fun sized Hershey Bars: 67 Calories each

Hershey Creamy Bells: 40 Calories each

Deep Chocolate Vitamuffin: 100 Calories each

Piece of chocolate cake made with black beans: 124 calories (bigger than a brownie)

No Pudge Brownie: 120 calories each (2" x 4" square)

100 Calorie Oreo Snack Packs: 100 Calories per pack (but honestly....I'd rather just have a fun sized hershey bar)

Hot Chocolate - made with 1 Tbsp of Hershey unsweetened cocoa & one splenda Packet: 25 Calories

Edited to add:

Sugar Free Pudding made with Almond Breeze instead of milk: 80 Calories for 1/2 Cup Serving 

Nov 28 2007 18:48
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Ooooh......yesterday I had a cup of Dilettante 72% hot chocolate, made with skim milk and syrup.  I'll guess 120 calories, but the best 120 calories of chocolate I've had in a long time.  Very bitter and intense, but the skim milk made it light.

Lately I've been making stovetop cocoa using 1/2 cup milk, 1 tablespoon cocoa powder (doesn't make much difference which brand), 2 teaspoons sugar, 1/2 teaspoon cornstarch and a dash of salt. 90-100 calories total.  You bring it to a boil, stirring constantly, and the whole mess dissolves together and thickens.  Stir in a drop of vanilla right at the end.
I like no sugar added fudgesicles. The ones I get at Aldi's are only 40 or 45 calories a piece and are delicious! I also enjoy special K bars chocolate drizzle. Yum!!
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My favorite chocolate fix is the swiss miss no sugar added hot cocoa. Its only 60 calories and 10g of carbohydrates. It is surprisingly sweet and does the trick when I feel a craving coming on. I take them to work as well because this time of year there is a TON of chocolate around the office!

Swiss Miss Sugar Free hot chocolate (25 calories)

Worldwide Protein Shakes, Chocolate, (100 calories)

Sugar Free jello pudding, Chocolate (60 calories)

Walden-Farms Zero-Calorie Chocolate syrup (0 calories for 2 TBS)

Cocoa Via bars (80 calories)

=^..^= MOLLY

Wow, thanks everyone for all the amazing chocolate ideas!! There seems to be a lot of Cocoa lovers here! I really like that Vitalicious Muffins idea, but too bad there's not a store close by... maybe I'll order it online...

Thanks for everyone's input! I'm sure this post will be helpful to others too! 

Not most, but Quaker Chocolate Crunch rice cakes have sixty calories each.

I just had one for breakfast with a cinnamon omelet.

Ok - you're talking to someone who absolutely cannot have chocolate chips in the house unless baking with them at that moment.  Each time I buy a bag (semi-sweet is my fave) I eat the entire bag :(  By the handfulls, melted with peanut name it.  grrr.  Anyway I have found that the chocolate vitatop muffins do take care of the chocolate craving and fill me up. 
I am currently addicted to Scharffenberger Cocoa powder. I have been adding it to my protein shakes, and coffee. Can bake with it, add it to cooking for extra richness and depth of flavor. Mmm-mmm-mole! For 25 calories and 1 gram of fat per tablespoon you can get a lot of deep chocolate flavor. It is more expensive than Hershey's, but aren't we worth it?

I love chocolate and find making hot coco with unsweetened baking cocoa (instead of a mix) and sweetening it just enough with sugar (artificial sweeteners creep me out)  really hits the spot. It is warm and relaxing and you get your fix plus calcium!

Nov 30 2007 03:24
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You know, I can't tell much difference between cocoa powders.  I've tried Scharffenberger, Hersheys, Droste, Suchard, Van Houten, Wawel, and Perugina (that was a hard one to find in cocoa powder). They all taste the same to me in hot chocolate.  Bar chocolate is a different matter, though.
Original Post by annemariew:

I am currently addicted to Scharffenberger Cocoa powder. I have been adding it to my protein shakes, and coffee. Can bake with it, add it to cooking for extra richness and depth of flavor. Mmm-mmm-mole! For 25 calories and 1 gram of fat per tablespoon you can get a lot of deep chocolate flavor. It is more expensive than Hershey's, but aren't we worth it?

How do you at cocoa to coffee? After it's made or in the grounds to brew it??

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