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Can I just skip the olive oil and eat high fat foods?

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Just wondering, instead of adding the extra Tbsp of oil in my salads, stir fries, etc., wouldn't it be better if I ate nuts and seeds and avocados instead?  Since those foods have additional nutrients like calcium, iron, etc.?

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you don't HAVE to eat olive oil to get your fats... nuts, seeds and avacados are great sources of healthy fats so if you prefer those sources then eat those.  

Can't you do both? I use olive oil for cooking, and I eat nuts, seeds, and avocados - never a bad idea to get your fats from a variety of sources

Sure, it's up to you. I wouldn't eliminate oil altogether, partly because a little bit does carry flavor really well (i.e., using a tsp or two to fry garlic for the base of a stir fry), and also because one can get obsessive about no-oil-ever.  But, there's no need to use much oil, and no reason not to get the majority of your fat from nuts/seeds/avocado/etc.

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