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Does skim milk count toward water total?

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I've been trying to get my 5 bottles of water per day. I'm also a firm believer in dairy calcium aiding fat loss (1300 mg per day) so I drink skim milk and love it.

Do you think the milk counts toward some of the water requirement?
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Hi Cheryl ~ just doing a quick copy/paste of links from the water drinking challenge information... Hope it helps :)

Do you know how much water you should be drinking for optimum health and what your water alternative sources are?  Check it out! 3

How to drink more water every day tips/article from Willowraven! day

Here's a calculator from dbackerfan! Remember these are just guidelines!  Adjust for your own needs and preferences, especially if you get a lot of water from alternative sources!

Oh... & Check out this Rockin' Video!!! [on water... note: 2+ mins big data stream] /winners/film/f lv/06037.htm
I had looked over those a few days ago and saw where they talked about some fruits and vegetables containing water that count toward your total but I see no mention of skim milk.

Any opinions or experience out there?
I think there are many schools of thought on this.  Some say only "water" counts as water - Weight Watchers says any "caffeine free" drink counts as water.  So if you go by WW rule then yes if you go by the others no.

I don't consider my skim milk in my water intake but then I drink at least 96 oz a day plus my caffiene free diet sodas so getting enough hydration really isn't an issue.

Are you having a hard time getting enough water and that is why you want to add this toward that goal? 
i count it in my daily intake... i don't see why you couldn't... skim milk is around 90% water anyway.
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The only things I wouldn't count are those that use water inside your body. For example alcohol. But milk counts in my book. 
I was reading a government health site that said the 2 litre water requirement was divised in the 1940s, it said that the body needs 2 litres of water a day, which can come from any food or liquid, so that would include milk.

I personally drink a lot of water (so much that im called fish by friends) the more you drink the more you want. However i dont think it does anything amazing for me. In fact you can drink to much water and flush out essential nutrients and even die!

So yes enjoy your milk its full of good stuff, but do drink a little water otherwise you'll find yourself consuming extra calories in the drinks.
Thanks for all the replies and opinions. I had been drinking water to the exclusion of milk (which I love) because all that water added on with the milk was just too much. The last few days I've been making my skim milk the priority (about 1.5 cups morning, noon and night) and drinking the water in between. I think that's going to work better for me.

Thanks everyone!
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