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silly question about flavored coffee...

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Ok this might seem like a really stupid question, but does anyone know how many calories or fat there might be in flavored coffee??

At work we have a k-cup brewer. Some of the k-cup flavors include "german chocolate cake" and "caramel vanilla nut" amongst other things. I even saw one called "southern pecan pie."

With flavors like this, should i be concerned about drinking these flavored coffees?

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There's no calories in brewed coffee, even flavored ones (unless you add something).   I read somewhere that the flavor comes from extract that's added, but it doesn't add any calories.  Yay!

calories in brewed coffee are minimal, but they're not zero.  coffee beans are oily, and the oil content varies, so the exact calorie content will depend on the specific beans.

it's extremely doubtful that the extracts used to flavour coffee have zero calories.  water has zero calories.  if you're adding stuff to water, and that stuff changes the taste, it's highly unlikely that you're not adding calories.

unless you're drinking liters, it's probably not going to add up to much.  if you put cream/creamers or sugar in your coffee, that's a much bigger concern.

Well, I don't know about your coffee, but when I get flavored coffee at Dunkin Donuts, the calories are pretty much the same as if I were to get a regular coffee with no flavor.  It's about 20 calories for 10 oz, or a small coffee.  I get a medium french vanilla and with a splash of skim milk and it's 33 calories.

yeah, regular brewed coffee is about 1 cal/oz.  it's not much, but some people drink a lot of coffee.

is it from a coffee machine and comes out kinda more like a hot chocolate (like the tim horton's flavoured coffees)?  if so, they DO have mroe cals and fat than regular coffee with a shot of flavour (which has a bit more cals than regular coffee, but it's minmal).  i don't know the exact cal count tho.  sorry!

flavored coffees from like convenient stores are usually somewhat high in calories because they are made with sugary flavored creamers and most of the time fullfat milk.

However if you go to starbucks and specify that you want your coffee made with skim milk and a sugarfree flavor the calories aren't bad at all. When I drink coffee I put a few tsp of creamer in and a flavored Splenda like hazelnut so my coffee isn't more than 50 calories

wow can I come and work with you??  That sounds amazing! 

i just recently saw that at McDonalds you can order a small iced latte w/ sugar free vanilla flavoring.. which would be absolutely delicious and its only 60 calories!

Thanks everyone! I guess i can feel a bit better when i drink the flavored coffees now!

The K-cups of coffee have the same calories as regular brewed black coffee

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