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How many shrimp are in 3 oz?
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It all depends on the size of the shrimp.   Small, medium, or large.  If you buy them at the grocery store they usually state how many to a pound.  You can then calculate from there.
What do you have with the shrimp? I like shrimp but am used to having it with cocktail sauce and that seems pretty high in cals :0(
I like shrimp on skewers and grilled.  Sprayed with a little Pam.
If they are precooked, you can microwave and put a little I Can't Believe it Aint Butter spray.  Stir-Fry with other vegetables.

You can create a great salad with shrimp.

Begin with a spinach and red cabbage base. 

Add in any other veggies you love (red onion, cilantro, red peppers etc). 

Then add shrimp that is sauted in a little EVOO and sprinkled with Salt Free Lemon Pepper on each side.  If I have the extra calories that day I add in a little crumbled blue cheese for more flavor. 

Between the Lemon Pepper and blue cheese I don't miss not using salad dressing.  This is so yummy!  I think I will make it tonite.
I bought a bag of frozen peeled, deveined, cooked shrimp. They're medium sized. I'm thinking 3-5 per oz? I'm not good at the oz vs how many thing!

I bought some cocktail sauce for a special treat but I plan on putting in in my salads! I love spinach salad with almonds, oranges, purple onion, lite balsalmic Vinagrette... I thought the shrimp might go good with that. More filling!
I use the pulldown menu to choose "3 large" or whatever it is, rather than trying to measure my shrimp. 

<giggle> I just said measure my shrimp.
Pam,  does the bag say how many servings per container?  Sometimes that area would state about how many shrimp.  I agree with Saroful use the pull down menu for 3 large, this way you know you will be safely covered.
lol saroful!

Thanks for all the unput... I'll see about the total servings in the bag vs. picking the large ones on the list. I guess I can safely say 1 1/2 medium equals a large one.
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    I just wanted to add that you can make your own cocktail sauce.
That's what I do.  Ketchup at 15 cals a TB and horseradish at 10 cals per Tsp.  Just mix till you like the taste.  That's all that stuff is anyway.

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