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scooped out bagels

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Ok not being obssesive but I had a bagel today which was 290 cal. I scooped out the innerds on the top half and weighed them. They weighed 1oz. The scooped out part barely weighed 1/2 oz. So what are the calories of it scooped out aprox? Just an estimation. I'm ROTTEN at math. Really
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If the top and the bottom together were 290 calories, the scooped out top half was about 50 calories.  A scooped out bottom half would be about 50 cal too.   Before you scooped it out, each half would be about 150 calories, and you scooped out about 100 of them.


If just the top was 290 calories, the scooped out top was about 100 calories.

dont eat bagels.


Well if the part you ate was 1 oz, and the part you didn't was .5 ounce, you have 1.5 ounces.

290 / 1.5 = 193 per oz. and since you had one ounce, thats about 193.

Unless you ate the .5 ounce part, I'm not quite understanding what you mean. Then you had 193 * 1/2= 96 cals
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