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No scoop in my whey protein!

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I opened a new container of whey protein today, only to discover that there was no scoop in there!  (I even emptied the whole thing into another container to check!)

According to the nutritional label, one scoop (one serving) is 52 grams.  I have a little food scale, so I tried weighing it, and it came out to roughly 1/8 of a cup.

Anybody have any idea if I am close or not?  Thanks for any help!

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A scoop is usually more like 1/4 cup, but your protein powder may be slightly different. Usually a 1/4 cup "scoop" of pure isolated whey or soy protein is about 110-120 calories with 22-25 grams of protein.

What brand did you buy?

I bought Designer whey, vanilla.  I think it is actually in the food database, too.

I thought it would be 1/4 cup, too, but when I put that on my scale, it was way over in weight.  However, I would be more inclined to think that my scale is off, as it is kinda cheap and old.  Need to upgrade!


I would go with scale. Measuring anything but liquids, but specially powder things like flour or in your case whey protein, by cups is very inaccurate.


all the scoops I have (I have 3 diff proteins) equal out to 3 'heaping' tablespoons if that helps....

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