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lately i've just been wanting a good sandwich for lunch, but my one track mind can usually only come up with PB & J or variations on that...

Can anyone suggest some good sandwiches? preferably no more than 300-400 calories... and preferably not containing peanut butter--- I must break the addiction!!!  =)

I don't eat meat, but you can post your meat sandwich ideas in here too for other meat eaters

Here's one i came up with: whole wheat bread, mustard, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and mushed up red kidney beans (from can, rinsed and drained)

Any and all posts appreciated, thanks!

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Tomatoe Sandwiches with FF Mayo.  Yummy.
bread, lettuce tomato onion cucumber sliced avocado, hummus...tasty
I've quit eating dairy now, but I used to really like reduced fat cheddar cheese and apples, and another favorite was pears, fancy mustard and a bit of brie cheese, spread on like a condiment so a little goes a long way. Hummus with tomato cucumber and mint and spinach leaves is one I really like now.

hummus on whole wheat pita with tomato and lettuce

black bean and salsa sloppy joe

veggie roll up with lettuce, chopped tomato, cucumber, peppers, sprouts etc., and maybe a slice of veggie cheese.

yum, these sound good guys... keep em comin =)

for lunch i usually have a smoked turkey (only 40 cals), kraft american cheese, and 2 pieces of whole grain bread. With just very little lite mayo on it. I guess it's your typical turkey sandwich. But it's not too bad for you if you just pick the right meat and bread!
Maybe use some spread consisting of tuna mixed in with a bit of mayo and chives. Then add some thin slices of tomato and lettuce. Mmmm tasty.

I'm not too sure about the calorie count though... (I'm in the process of trying to break the number counting habit so I refuse to look it up! :D)
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Laughing cow cheese, alfalfa sprouts, and roasted red peppers on a wheat tortilla or pita!
I just had an AMAZING sandwich in a 1/2 pita bread.  Heat the pita for 11 seconds to warm it up and get it all soft and delicious.  Then spoon in 2 tbsp hummus and 2 slices of ripe tomato with a little salt and pepper.  YUM!  The sandwich is soft and gooey and delicious, plus it's healthy because of the tomato and healthy fat from the hummus.  Put it on whole wheat pita bread and it's even better for you.  Simple, but oh so delicious.
I love French's "Gourmayo" light  mayonnaise.  It is 50 calories a tablespoon (which is way too much for a sandwich for me...I use maybe 1/2 T).  I keep the Wasabi horseradish and Chipotle flavors on hand.  They really dress up a sandwich.

For bread, I like Country Hearth Lite whole wheat (45 cal per slice).

Oscar Mayer's lean shaved turkey, ham or roastbeef is 45-60 calories a serving (about 6 slices).

I also like leaf lettuce, tomato and pickles to flesh it out. 

It comes out to less than 200 calories for a very nice sandwich!! 
And...I also like Trader Joe's  chicken lime burgers.  I grill extra ones and keep them in the fridge...nuke them when I want one.   Delish!!

i thought of one...

toffutti cream cheese on wheat with cucumber, sprouts and tomato

i like tofurky with tomatos, cucumber and sprouts on a whole wheat pita. also grilled toffuti cheese and tomato sandwiches are good. garden burger patties on pitas or yummy too.
Wheat bread - toasted with a morningstar farms black bean patty, little pepperjack cheese, dijon, red onions and tomato... 
Great post!  I haven't read all of it yet, so sorry if I repeat stuff already here.

I make egg salad with light mayo and mustard and I add onions on low calorie bread.  I also make tuna with low calorie mayo, but I just realized I shouldn't be eating that more than 3 times/month due to the mercury content.   I love hummus and tomato on sunflower seed Monk's brand bread (not sure if they sell that outside NY State though), or on pumpernickel bread.  One more idea- a few slices of deli cheese on good bakery bread, sliced thin, with lots of vegetables to bulk it up (tomatoes, cukes, spinach, onions, etc.) 

BTW, can you buy Tofurkey sliced like deli meat?
Another question- does Tofutti cream cheese have much calcium or protein or other good nutrients (unlike regular cream cheese)?  That sandwich sounds yummy enough that it might not matter though:)
try tinned slices of beetroot on a salad sandwhich
I like pineapple too
Sliced ham is low cal (its so thin). I like toasted slices ham, laughing cow cheese and tomato
My fav sandwhich is big chunks of white chicken breast, on cos lettuce, tomato, thick cucumber, with a bit of chilli sauce on the top.

How about this?  Cut a bunch of grape tomatoes (the little ones) in half.  marinate them for a minute or 2 in a balsamic vinager, throw in some parmesan, fresh garlic, chop up some red bell pepper, some fresh, raw green beans and throw it all in a pita pocket.



can one of you guys do my grocery shopping / cooking????
make a quick hummus with a can of chickpeas, some chickpea liquid from can, juice of half a lemon, salt, pepper, paprika, cumin and herb of your choice (i skip the olive oil and use lotsss of basil!) stick this in a sandwich with some tuna or if your a veg, go out and get morningstar chick'n starteres, they are wonderful.

apple and honey is also delicious, and banana and nutella
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